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5, 4 ,3, 2, 1 we have lift off. PS Vita Launch is 10 days away....


Some reasons to get very excited.


PS Vita has now less than 10 days until the UK launch. Most people have seen game trailers and unboxing videos on YouTube but nothing can prepare you for what comes out of the box and into your own hands. You see it's a personal thing. Turning it on for the first time and seeing that little seducing little blue light flicker at you, you like me don't you? Hell yes, you're a little blue light.

I jest, but no screen shots or videos can excite like the real deal. This is a little write up on some of the things you should get excited about.


The little blue light will become your best friend, he will let you know when a friend is online and let you know when someone wants to chat or message you. It's the first thing that will make you smile.

From then it's the screen. The OLED screen just looks fantastic, everyone has said about how great it is but when you see it yourself you'll be scrambling to boot up your first game.

The third thing has to be touch, the hairs on your hand can push things about it's that sensitive. From boot up to turning off you will NEVER have to slide your finger twice as Vita will never miss a command.

Forth has to be the network, form the outset it's obvious Sony have got this handheld right.(after some tweaking) Chat, Party, Near and Friends all come together to give you the best community driven console to date. And this is just the start.

With all this going on you now feel it's time to boot up your first game and that game for us in the West and Europe was has to be Uncharted. Don't leave this game off your launch list. It's brilliant. The amount of times I stood still and panned the camera around with the second analogue stick, yes second and I couldn't chat about Vita without mentioning that, to take in the view or stair at a waterfall. Every game now feels simple to play rather than a fight with the control set-up.

And then it happens, with all the excitement of starting your game you had forgotten, that first trophy pops! Hoo Ha trophies then the drop down message to let you know your buddy has just come online. You fire up party and have a chat while carrying on with your game.

It's exciting stuff for a handheld.

10 days and counting.


By Kristian Salkeld

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Mon, 13 February, 2012 8:51 AM