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Call of Duty 5 Review

Get Down !


Call of duty returns to world war two after venturing briefly to the modern world. Back with it, it brings the superb online level system and fast paced gameplay everyone enjoyed.


COD 5 throws you into the jungles of Japan with the American forces and the streets of Russia and Germany with the Russians trying to reach the Reichstag to raise the Russian flag. The two story’s see significantly different gameplay styles with the Japanese fighting hard and using the jungles to there advantage and the close combat in buildings with the Russians.


One of the best parts of fighting with the Americans are the tense fights in the jungles where enemies pop up out the grass, from trees and run at you armed with bayonets that require fast attention if you don’t want to get stabbed. You are frequently given weapons like flamethrowers to counter them and it is really something different that I’ve never seen in a WW2 game before and it’s good to do new things in a genre that has been heavily explored.


The Russian missions are like the more traditional WW2 missions which see you picking up a sniper rifle to cover your comrades and clearing rooms as you make your way towards Germany.

Also throw into the mix are vehicle based missions. One sees you clearing enemy positions and strongholds with a tank and in another you have to take out boats and planes with various guns on your plane. These are an enjoyable break from the normal gameplay.


Graphically the game isn’t anything ground breaking and it is slightly disappointing it would have been better to see the screen filled with mud as you fight through the rain and mud in the jungles or more detailed Germans to kill.


Now I guess I have to make a comment on the sounds and there really isn’t anything to say, it’s nothing spectacular but not notably bad either.


Online is really the outstanding part of this game, for the first time a COD game features Co Op gameplay which is great fun and you can fight through the single player with a friend over the internets or with one sitting next to you.


Then there’s the Vs mode which is even better than COD 4, the maps have been excellently designed and there’s a great mix of large open maps and small enclosed maps which lead to fast paced frantic games. To accompany this is the addictive rank up system that unlocks new perks and weapons as you progress keeping you coming back for more.


Overall the single player introduces some new elements into a well explored genre but gets boring at times but the online is an improvement over COD 4 with better designed maps and weapons.

By Aaron Kalair









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