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Colin McRae Dirt Review

Your going to get Dirty


With WRC off the scene Sega, revamped its arcade classic and Colin McRae made what was to be his final game before tragically dying in a helicopter crash.

DIRT boasts an incredible number of car classes and event types, as well as a slick and modern interface but unfortunately a slightly dated online mode.


The first thing you notice when you load the game is the menu's, with an easy on the eye colour scheme and 'aero glass' style transparency it looks modern new and exciting.

You have the choice of 4 modes, Career, Championship, Rally World or Multiplayer.


Career is the main part of the game featuring ten tiers in a pyramid layout getting harder and longer as you move up towards the final race. The game accommodates for everyone rally expert or complete beginner with a wide range of difficulty settings from easy to beat with your eyes shut to rock solid which will takes hours of practice and perfection to beat. With a mixture of race types such as truck racing and rally raid and mix of different rally styles such as crossover, FWD, 4wD and RWD. It really is the most varied rally game I have ever played and the wide range of events keeps you interested for a long time, as there's always something different to do if your bored of a certain type of race.However it does eventually get repetitive and boring and around half way through I was getting bored and loosing the initial excitement I had about it.


Championship lets you race a mini season of rally, with a car of your choosing in a place you choose. Similar to the rally events in Career.


Rally world is similar to free race or quick play you choose what you want to do and have a one off race.


Online sticks to the traditional rally style which means that there's no racing against your friends on the same track which is a shame, instead your times are compared to others during the splits and the fastest person wins. The lobbies are well done though and which text chat in the lobby and no drop in graphics or lag during races its not too bad. It is a rally game so what do you expect?


The handling is spot on for me feeling right in all the different vehicles and they all do drive and handle differently especially the older cars which are insanely quick and dangerous. Some people have commented that it feels light though and I can see what they mean I hammered the demo however so maybe I just got used to it. The learning curve is no where near as steep as Sega rally though.


Graphically it is outstanding, the cars look incredible. For example the Subaru is a beautiful shade of blue and with the lighting effects your jaw drops it looks deep and beautiful. Unlike Sega Rally though the track doesn't degrade if your on an event with multiple laps it isn't something I really notice though and for the outstanding graphics and frame rate something I can live with. With no frame rate issues and a track where you can go anywhere and off anything it really is one of the best looking rally games to date.


It doesn't sound to bad either with Travis Pastrana guiding you around the menus and a co driver coming out with semi amusing phrases, and not to forget the sound of the cars tearing through the mud and trees.


Overall, its a very polished rally game with a lot of options and race types. Certainly no other current game is as varied in the rally world and if you can live with the online mode definitely worth picking up.







Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:02 PM