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F.E.A.R Playstation 3 Review

Look behind you


Are you scared? You should be

Silent Hill games started way back on the PS One and have now seen four games with another soon to hit Sony's handheld and a Next Gen game well into development. Going into FEAR was hard as I'd played all the first three Silent Hill games. My expectations were very high that I would be made to feel as uneasy as I felt playing those excellent games.

I was not disappointed.

Starting off in FEAR is no biggy. The usual set up of, "things aren’t quite right" soon become apparent right from the off. Strange goings on in cut scenes stir up the feeling that this is no ordinary FPS.

It's not long before things kick off and this is where FEAR really shines. The gunfights. Smoke, sparks, boxes, glass and gun cartridges fly here there and everywhere. All this can be slowed down in a slow-mo power up that you have for a limited time. Voices, gunfire and all mayhem are slowed right down then it springs back into life at full speed with devastating effects as the dust settles. Quite stunning.

The sound in FEAR makes the game. As you run about the levels a haunting soundtrack burns into your ears making you dread every corner as your flashlight nears the end of its charge. This really is scary stuff. Metal banging, to a small child crying, yes those nods to Silent Hill now become apparent as FEAR does Silent Hill. This sort of gaming in a First Person perspective is very unnerving, in Silent Hill you are in 3rd Person and can see what’s around you, here you feel very exposed to danger with your field of vision hampered and I found myself with my back to the wall waiting to see what the strange noise was as my flashlight burns through the black abyss.

The graphics in the game won’t win any awards, but what it does, it does well. In some places the graphics look better than in others. The slums are very well suited on PS3 as in PC screens it all looks to clean and crisp and over the top shinny.
It’s fast, this is the important thing. Stuff flying everywhere without a drop in the frame rate.

Online play makes it over from the PC game intact. The Online part of the game feels like any other death match style shooter at first until you dig into it and get a good feel for it. It reminds me of Counter Strike in a way with its quick killing turn over, people with a good eye will take out other players very quickly. 
The only downside to the online game is the lack of comms. But being a little resourceful can soon have you hooked up to a headset via Skype or Teamspeak. At the end of the day it’s virtually lag free so something has to give.

All in all FEAR was a great game. I have reviewed and finished the final retail version of the game not pre realise code. We have taken the game online as a group and found it very enjoyable.

If you’ve not played this on 360 or your PC just can’t run it like my own, then try it out. The content is the same in all three versions bar 3 new Multiplayer maps and an exclusive shotgun and mission. The exclusive duel pistols also make it over from the 360 game. 

This is not worth the entrance fee mind if you own it on other systems.
FEAR lies firmly in my top five FPS ever.

…………………….oh and that little Girl????? I’ve said nothing for a reason.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 7
Value 9
Sound 10
Online 8 









Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:00 PM