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F3AR Review


Alma Returns ...

When the first FEAR was first released it was regarded as a master piece. It combined a first person shooter with a horror game like silent hill. Throughout the entire game you were kept on the edge of your seat, scared to go round corners in case 'the girl' appeared. Then FEAR 2 came a long and it was a major disappointment, so what is FEAR 3 like?

First off FEAR 3 has a neat feature, you can play the entire game with another human in cooperative mode, either via PSN or locally and it doesn't just chuck another guy with a machine gun into the mix. The entire game is built around 2 characters with unique abilities. One of them has the standard set of guns and the other has special powers such as being able to take control of enemies and utilise all of their weapons.

This gives you the ability to jump deep behind enemy lines whilst your partner draws their fire and then slaughter a group of enemies from behind. If you die whilst in control of someone else you simply return to your own body, encouraging you to really take advantage of this feature and get involved in the action. It doesn't last forever though; you need to keep killing to top up the time you have left in the body.

The game starts off in a abandoned factory / warehouse and the atmosphere reminds you of the original FEAR game, the graphics are really nice and the atmosphere is suitably creepy Alma also makes random appearances just to keep you on your toes and make you jump out of your skin. Around half way through the game, the graphics appear to drop off in quality, which is a shame. I'm not sure why either, maybe they were running out of time and had to get the game shipped?

Unfortunately I don't think it’s as scary as the first game that might be because I played it with or friend though.

Apart from the co op element the game is a pretty standard shooter, you work your way through various levels taking down bad guys with the occasional set piece thrown into the mix and some bosses. If you find yourself in a tricky spot you can activate 'slow down' which slows down time for you allowing you to nail multiple bad guys before they can even get a single shot in on you. The gameplay is pretty linear but there are reasons to step off the main path when you can to grab all the collectables.

There are also parts of the game where you can take control of a robotic exoskeleton, allowing you unleash unimaginable amounts of pain on your foes. Although you do occasionally have to take down a bad guy using one of these so it’s not all fun and games.  FEAR 3 isn't the longest game if you play it with a friend you can easily clear all 8 levels in less than an hour each. But to get the platinum you will need to play it through at least twice and dive into the competitive multiplayer modes.

Overall FEAR 3 isn't as scary or ground breaking as the original FEAR but it’s a solid shooter with its own unique features and if you have any friends its well worth playing through it with them.


By Aaron Kalair

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Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:28 AM