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FIFA 11 Demo Review


Goooooooooooooooooooal !!!


How many sports can you think off that have had the fundamentals radically changed?  You can’t think of any? Neither can I and this presents an obvious problem when you create sports games, the actual sports don’t evolve much, ever. Yes the people involved change and I’m sure the developers would love to offer to update your data for just £24.99 but seriously whose going to pay that?


Despite the game of football not changing significantly EA continue to release a new version of FIFA each year.


This years FIFA 11 user interface looks similar to previous versions with the football pitch to practice in before entering the menus and the usual list of game modes with a few new additions


The gameplay feels similar to last year’s game; it’s quick with lots of movement. Shooting, through balls and passes are all the same, it’s still near impossible to cross the ball accurately and it’s nothing not like any football match I’ve ever seen.  Maybe it’s because I support Coventry City but I’ve never seen so many shots of targets happen so quickly during a match. Or players make such light work of the oppositions defence.


The penalty taking system has been revamped you now have to stop a slider in the green zone before setting the power and taking the shot. This is tough and takes a lot of getting used to. It also feels like the shot direction detection is more sensitive but this may just be because I wasn’t nailing the slider right in the green zone.


I see why they updated the penalty taking as it was pretty tough to miss the goal before but now it’s pretty tough to score a goal, this doesn’t really mimic real life and it’s gone too far in my opinion. It should be on a sliding scale of difficultly where in make or break situations like a penalty to seal the game the bar moves more quickly across the screen but in lower pressure situations it reverts to the old system or the bar moves so slowly it’s near impossible to miss the green zone


There is also a new game mode called ‘Be a Pro: Goalkeeper’ where believe it or not you play as the goal keeper. This isn’t unlocked in the demo which doesn’t inspire confidence in this game mode as its one of the only new features in a FIFA game for a long time. If you sit and think about it though how much fun can it be to stand there for the whole game and dive in the wrong direction 90% of the time?


Graphically its best described as ‘meh’. Its not particularly bad or great, everything looks as you would expect for a new PS3 game the interface design is the same as are the menus, players and pitches. The crowds at the stadiums are best described as ‘jaggeedy’ although I’m not sure that’s a real word.


The sounds by which I mean the commentators are as usual amusing at best and boring most of the time. I really don’t think they’ve ever changed since FIFA 1901 they continually repeat the same phrases when a card is handed out or offside awarded my favourite quote? “The referee starts the game with a kick off” really? Someone took the time to include that in the game.


Although this entire review has been pretty negative I do want to point out that the game is enjoyable to play. The fast pace and constant attempts on goal keep it exciting but it’s not aFri, 23 November, 2012 4:59 PMing this game unless the be a goal keep feature turns out to be amazing or I win the lotFri, 23 November, 2012 4:59 PMp;

Unless you want the latest team sheets and kits just buy an older version it’s cheaper and you’ll barely notice the difference. Pro Evo 2011 however is a different story look for a review coming soon.


By Aaron Kalair


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