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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

The ghosts lock and load on PS3


GRAW on 360 was without doubt the big game that everyone wanted when the console launched until it came out in March 06 after a few delays.

Reviews spoke for themselves. An excellent game with fully fledged online modes that most other games could only dream of.

Then came GRAW 2, more of the same but with added spit and polish thrown in, more of an expansion with a rock solid single player and beefed up online.

Now it's PS3's turn for what has to be said, one of the best Clancy games I've ever played.

As in the first game you take on the role of Scott Mitchell leading the Ghosts through the Mexican suburbs in order to overthrow evil.

Yes it's the normal kind of Clancy stuff but this has a feel of Black Hawk Down to it and you feel part of the story rather than just "there".

Any of you who are just into online gaming should log off and give this a try, it's hard but fair with spot on AI. The graphics are the best I've seen on PS3 with excellent lighting, particle effects and explosions need to be seen offline. Most missions start off in a sun red glow but end as the sun sets in a dusk look.

It all adds to the overall realistic look that GRAW2 has. Moonlit missions are very realistic with Scott's shadow dancing over everything you pass.


I can't say much about the single player game without spoiling things so jump in and give it a go. My only gripe is that it wont last long.


If it's online play you want GRAW2 for then you are about to buy the most polished game to grace the Playstation 3 yet.
32 maps with 8 day and night settings make a total of 40 maps, yes 40. There are 13 game modes with a six mission online co-op story mode thrown in.

It really is good stuff. Ubi have really pushed the boat out in the five or so months that this game has been in development over the 360 game.

We may have waited but the end result is totally lag free online gaming, is this a result of the "PS1 looking" cross com? Who cares, the game runs so smoothly with no hick ups. You can tailor games to suit the map or the people you are playing with. Hosting a game is a breeze and I'm happy to say that even on a slower connection you will be able to host rooms without friends dropping out left right and center.


Up to 16 players can take the battle online and 16 in co-op games but smaller teams work well on most maps. The graphics do get toned down to keep the action flowing at a good pace but some maps like Rocky Cove do look better than there 360 brother with water having more depth to it rather than looking like a floating texture. On the other hand the water in Fishing village has a more erratic look to it.


Headset support is used and unlike the hit and miss comm's of Rainbow Six, the comm's are always crisp and clear even when people are using blue tooth. I have been playing online all weekend with everyone saying how made up they are with this game on and offline. On the basis of the buzz online and my own feelings about this game there is only one score this game deserves.

Well done Ubisoft, at last us PS3 owners get a great single player game with online to match. A must buy for any online gamer. For now GRAW2 takes the PSO crown for best PS3 shooter.








Fri, 8 October, 2010 8:46 AM