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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

Who you gona call?


Ghostbusters: The Video Game doesn’t fit into any traditional genre. You could argue it’s a shooter but well, you don’t really shoot things,  or you could argue its an action adventure game but there’s too much blasting for that.

Whatever type of game it is doesn’t matter because one things for certain and that is, it’s incredibly fun. The gameplay is simple you navigate your way through the different levels capturing any ghosts and proton blasting any monsters which stand in your way.

There’s a huge variety of different monsters and ghosts each with there individual traits. Some require you to cover them in slime whilst you need to blast others into really small pieces to get rid of them. This really stops the game getting repetitive because there’s always a different type of monster of ghost waiting for you around the corner.

The levels are really varied and there’s a mix of indoor levels such as libraries and museums as well as outdoor levels such as alternate universes and cemeteries. The levels are also interactive. For instance there are a number of water fountains littered throughout which you can visit to unlock a trophy. Also the levels are fully destructible so you can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage with your proton blaster for your own satisfaction.

The graphics are pretty good too the beams from the proton packs are vibrant and colourful and the details on the Ghostbusters uniforms are good too. The marshmallow man looks fantastic as do all of the little details in the levels such as ancient artefacts in the Egyptian displays in the museum.

The game also has online play. Unfortunately you can’t play the single player campaign through in co op but there is a collection of ‘mini games’ that you can play online. They take place on snippets of levels from the single player and you have to complete objectives such as capturing more ghosts than the other players

One of the best things about the game are the little comments that the characters come out with during the game. They crack jokes and make observations about what’s going on around you that make you smile and add to the fun and humour of the game.

Overall not being able to play the entire single player campaign online is disappointing but it is still one of the most fun and humorous games I’ve played in a long time. The unique gameplay and variety in the levels and characters make it feel really polished and complete.







Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AMFri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM