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GT5 First Impressions


The best racer of all time ?


No one may ever be able to finish GT5 to fully review it, however here are some first impressions:


I actually quite like the menu's they are pretty slick! Good integration with friends list, easy to navigate and visually very nice. The only thing I will say when loading up is the menu starts off by having a racing crew rendered vid in the background and this looks awful, the people look so terrible they wouldn't look good on a PS2 (minor issue)!!! However this background does change once you buy a car which makes the menu look much much better! Surely someone at PD should of said lets get rid of the driver/crew vids and stick to rendering cars! 

Gameplay (mechanics):
This is where GT5 really shines! I have played Forza 3 and although the graphics and certain features are more polished on Forza imo (please don't shoot me for saying this) the gameplay is not a patch on GT5 and that's what really counts! The handling of the cars is superb, I have played around with the settings while completing my B license and minor tweaks in the ABS and traction control can make big differences!

Game Graphics:
The graphics for me are a mixed bag! Some cars and tracks look amazing but there are others that look pretty bad imo. Lighting looks fantastic and premium cars also although I'm not overly impressed with the cockpit view on any of the premium cars I have tried. 

This was probably my favorite aspect from my 4hr stint last night, really fun and felt excellent to drive especially in the cockpit/driver view.

Only did one rally in the snow and thought it was great, again the physics seem pretty good although I have to admit I don't really hammer it around in real life in the snow, so don't know if it's life like!!! Snow effects... hmmm slightly disappointing I would have to say and look very low res.

Not tried yet!

I would say GT5 has the edge on any console race sim I have played including GT2 & 3 which is high praise! I might not be as polished graphically as I was hoping but the driving physics are second to none. There are certain features I think should have been better but I can live with them.


By Spur


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Sat, 27 November, 2010 11:12 AM