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Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock Review

Rock On !


Guitar hero lets anyone become a rock star if you don’t mind looking silly and shilling out the money for the hardware.


The basic concept of guitar hero is simple you press the coloured buttons on the guitar and strum as the corresponding colours pass a certain point on the screen. The speed the markers come past and the amount of them depend on the difficulty settings and there is a good range of difficulty making it easy to get into and becoming difficult enough to challenge you stop you getting bored.


The game features a wide range of songs from Knights of Cydonia to Ruby by the Kaiser chiefs and it really depends on your music taste as to whether you think it’s a good collection of songs but there are songs constantly being added to the store to expand the collection but you will have to pay for most of them.


The guitar accessory is solidly built and well designed so it feels comfortable to hold and a neck strap supports its weight so you can play for hours on end.


The game features a career mode which see’s you becoming a star and working your way through concerts to get to the top and as you progress you get access to more songs. If you hit enough notes and don’t get boo’ed off stage then you have to battle against another guitarist to progress. These battles have added powerup’s that make life harder for your opponent such as speeding the notes up or adding more of them.


There also the ability to play the career through in Co-op with a friend and if they don’t have a guitar they can use a controller. This is a lot easier on the Xbox with coloured buttons but still playable on a Playstation controller.


With money you earn from being a star you can buy new gear such as guitars and clothes to customise your appearance.


Finally there’s a online mode where you can battle or join forces with other players and rock out, its well designed and solid, I’ve never had any problems with it.


Graphically its what you expect and it was never going to be groundbreakingly amazing but its up to the standard you’d expect and the main gameplay screens where having a clear easy to see layout is essential are well designed and easy to read. The venues are well done though and I like the style they’ve chosen for the people.


The game really makes you believe you’re a rock star no matter how little musical talent you have and you find yourself bobbing your head and really getting into the game cringing every time you miss a note and mess up the sound, overall it’s a great game and although some people will get bored quickly its great to play with your mates and one of its biggest advantages is its easily accessible for anyone.


By Aaron Kalair









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