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HAZE Review

Does PS3's Exclusive Shooter leave you feeling Foggy?


To start lets get this out of the way. Haze does the main thing right, the shooting. No one can say otherwise. The guns feel right and do the job with great hit detection, sound that shakes the floor and cunning ways of using Nectar against the Mantel Troopers to win the fight.
Online works well with a distinct feel of Splitters to it with fast paced blasting fun, I'll talk about the co-op later!


So that's the good stuff, didn't take long, so off you go and buy the game.
No wait...........yes it's Sunday morning as I'm writing this review, so did I get the game early? No I got the game on Friday and started playing Friday night and in two sittings i've done everything that needs to be done in Haze. Is this really 4 years hard labour? Did Ubisoft make them start again when it was delayed and then say, "That's all the time we're giving you, get it out to the shops!"
Free Radical of Timesplitters fame have dropped the ball with this one, the idea is good, the gameplay is solid, but when you just get started the game ends like a rushed car crash. This is just not on.


£40 for 5 hours tops entertainment. I'm no gaming god but this is just poor. If it was the best looking game ever with an online component that would last for months you'd forgive it.......maybe? but as it is it's a rushed hash of a game. Some indoor areas look great as does the burning lighting at some points outside but some areas just look unfinished and bland.

Back to the co-op, the part that I was looking forward to, WHY would I want to play this again? to get more upset at the dreadful ending? To pull my hair out hearing the same old bulshit spouted by the in-game AI?
What a shame.


This should have been a Multiplayer only game sold via the PSN. More maps, co-op play etc and it could have been worth a £14.99 download but as it is you just feel ripped off.

The standard of games at the moment is quite high and games like this should have more development time and I do feel that FRD have had pressure put on them to rush it out. This is the only reason I can come up with as FRD are talented to say the least. If Ted Price plays this he would laugh until he had a heart attack.


Thank lord Sony didn't put there name to this as they would have been a laughing stock. It's sad that a high profile game like Haze has fallen so hard and as a PS3 owner wanting great exclusives I'm left feeling quite sad that FRD have f**ked up so bad.


Gameplay 7
Sound 5
Online 7
co-op 5
Graphics 6



By Krisaim