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Killzone 2 Review

PSO Reviews PS3’s big Exclusive!

“Halo Killer”, the press called from a behind closed doors showing when they were treated to seeing Killzone running on the Playstation 2. From that day Killzone was doomed to average reviews. You see, the press started it, the hype machine was in full swing but the press that had hyped the game then turned on it calling it over hyped and average??


Now with Killzone 2 Sony only have themselves to blame. They roll out a demo reel in 2005 at E3 and jaws drop. Soon after the developers have to come clean that the demo was in fact a vision of what they wanted to achieve, “they will never do it”, call the non believers and resident forum trolls. And who could blame them as developers continue to churn out ports with only a few holding there own against the 360 versions of the same game and only a handful of exclusives showing what the PS3 can do. Killzone 2 needs to right so many wrongs!


So have Sony delivered on that promise?? Oh hell yes. Not only have they delivered they have gone further than the demo real of 2005. Take the section on the bridge that shows a battle with the ISA and Helghast, in the demo movie it’s clean, in the game there are sparks flying from bullets, smoke gushing and whirling through the air, drop ship landing craft fly and swoop over you with some being blown apart with screams from ISA troops as they bounce off the road. Grenades explode and Helghast troops duck and dive taking cover as they try to outflank you. This is stellar stuff.


I’m excited typing this review as I want to go over all the things I’ve done and seen. I can’t, I want you all to experience this games little gems for yourselves so I’ll be careful what I say. The AI is simply the best I’ve seen in digital entertainment. You have to duck dive and think like never before as the enemy will fix in a get the drop on you. You won’t see cheap tricks like the 50 metre grenade throws of COD that land at your feet, this game is hard because it’s as clever as you, at times it shows you up and punishes a stupid dart from cover. I played the game on Trooper and it’s tough in parts. I was in a corridor fighting in close quarters and the Helghast realised that rapid fire guns were not the thing to use so they would throw them on the floor to replace it with a shotgun. They will run if you over power them and regroup to attack in numbers, cover each other while the other reloads. If they are outnumbered they will retreat to a gun emplacement and rain down fire on you. These are just some of the standouts, sure games have touched on this before BUT never has a game been as ruthless and relentless during these fire fights.


Graphics don’t make a game, Killzone 2 could have been a looker but play like a bag of shite but not here. The Graphics in Killzone 2 are incredible. Most of you have tasted the demo by now and that doesn’t even tell half the story. One level has you going through the city at night with huge self-made lightening strikes shooting up into the sky lighting up everything around you. What caught my eye in this level was barbed wire that lined the walk ways, it was blowing about in the vicious wind that is blowing through the streets with dust and sparks kicking up as you run through. Drop ship landing craft swoop down and land randomly kicking all sorts up in the air as they go on. Not once did I see the frame rate drop. Sony must have tools at Guerilla Games that none of the other developers have. There is an open outdoor level with the scale of Fallout 3 yet it makes Fallout 3 look like a mess with huge AA problems. In Killzone 2 everything is smooth with mind blowing effects blowing about all over the screen with a sun glair that will have you reaching for sunglasses.


Killzone 2 does nothing new but it takes the FPS genreFri, 23 November, 2012 5:07 PM the best being the sniper rifle. As you aim you are prompted to hold the controller steaFri, 23 November, 2012 5:07 PM the wheel and grip, turn, let go and turn back, grip, turn again. These are small things but why don’t other developers use their heads with small things like this.


I’ve come away from Killzone 2 with a smile. The game is the PS3 Exclusive Sony have craved. It’s taken 2 years but Sony have come up with something that PS diehards can now show off to friends, a game that 360 only owners will see on shop floor pods and wish they had a Playstation 3, like Gears Of War on 360, PS3 now has that must own console selling shooter. What’s more Killzone 2 makes Resistance 2 look average not only in the Graphics department but the by numbers game play. In fact it’s not until you play Killzone 2 that you realise that many shooters before it feel average. The AI is what really sets the benchmark high with Killzone 2, but with added graphic detail to boot, Killzone 2 is now the console game to beat!



Please note: MP has not been reviewed and the perfect 10 score is based on my experience with the single player game.


By Krisaim









Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:07 PM