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Right I was in 2 minds on whether or not to pick this up or not today, with the bad score's this had gotten lately which was a shame as it had been high on my wanted list for sometime.


In the end I decided to go with it and check it out for my self knowing ill probably get my money back if I was to sell it on.


Now I want people that don't know me to understand that unlike some people who buy products and feel like they have to blindly like the thing that they brought in order to justify them getting it in the first place. I don’t if its shit, its shit full stop.

Well I can say in my opinion this game is far from shit.


If your like me and loved the old rogue squadron games that factor 5 made there name from, you will love this game.

First of all you’re presented with a very basic training mission to get you to get to grips with the basic controls.

Once this is done you have the option to go back and learn more and more advanced controls.

I found the controls to work superbly well with the six axis, the only thing that I needed to do was change my seating position to give me a little more freedom to move.

It’s a shame that there is no option to change to the sticks, as people that don't feel right using the six axis are buggered to be honest.


On to the next missions and they range from taking down other dragons and protecting food shipments, all basically the same sort of objectives that you would find in rogue squadron games.

The difference being its set in a medieval back drop, which is pulled off pretty well as the cut scenes and the sound are fantastic.

There are three different types of combat away from the fire ball, and ground attacks.

One is getting along side a dragon and knocking the other rider off with repeated side bashing using the six axis left and right motions.


Second is the fight mode where both dragons swap blows and blocks as they are both in free fall.

And then there's the action takedown mode, (you seen this mode a few times in games notably the heavenly sword demo) there's a combination of movements and button bashing that need to be timed in order to pull off a very impressive take down.


These modes take place in what I can say are some top notch graphics. 
Even though from time to time it can go from some superb graphics to dame right bloody poor ones.


I did read the IGN review and they were saying that the lock on system is really poor and I half agree, however its no where near as bad as they make it out and that level he was on about the rhinos on with the bridge. I did that at the second attempt and only once I locked on to the wrong thing


I've just done the serpent strait level and so far I'm really glad I decided to pick this game up.
It's so far has a wide range of different uses for the six axis and they have worked perfectly.


The few little niggles I have with it is not always being able to skip the cut scenes, and sometimes you have a cut scene and it tells yoFri, 23 November, 2012 5:02 PMination and there's another cut scene  does seem a little pointless to me.

It will take a bit to get to grips with the six axis but I’d say bare with it as it does work in the end, though countless times I kept trying to fly with the sticks.

Also it can get a little confusing with what you’ve got to do next as one minute you’re being told take out the men, then you’re getting a rollicking for not taking down the dragon but as I said these are just minor niggles.


You can go back and re do the levels to get higher scores as you get graded for each mission you do.

Bronze, silver, gold etc.

This is fine and will keep you going back , however like the old rogue squadron it can be very frustrating trying to get the extra points and objectives done to gain a better medal although there's online leader boards.


This game in my opinion is not being done justice with some of the very harsh scores it’s getting out there.

I'm really enjoying it at the moment and glad I picked it up.
It’s not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but no way should it be over looked.


Again if your a fan of the old rogue squadron game and prepared to use the six axis , then this is a must buy for you.
It’s no system seller, but you can do a hell of a lot worse than this.

I think it should have got better reviews simply for being different and being the first game to use the six axis as it was intended to be used.


Oh I also used the old PSP with remote play and it worked like a charm.
Granted there's a slight drop in graphics which is to be expected and some moves are not as responsive, but at least you can use the toggle on the PSP.


By Rouge Hallinan









Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:02 PM