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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Demo Review


A radically new Lara Croft Game


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light certainly isn’t Tomb Raider it’s a radically different game designed for release through PSN. However this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game, it’s actually a really solid PSN release.


The first thing you notice is how the cameras nearly straight above you so it plays almost as a top down game. But because its not 90 degrees above you it’s a lot more in depth than a regular top down game from the past. It has a collection of regular adventure game elements like grapple hooks, climbing and jumping.




At first I was upset as the game doesn’t really push your adventure skills too hard. It’s fairly obvious what you have to do to progress and there’s not much chance of missing the critical ledges and falling to your death. But there are side challenges where like normal Tomb Raider games you have to really stop think and look around to figure out how to use your environment to reach a certain part of the level and get a bonus.


There is also a RPG element where you collect artefacts which give you bonuses such as improved defence and attack power or relics which give you a burst of power after you fill a meter up.


Shooting uses the right stick to aim and R2 to unleash your weapon. There’s a solid auto aim system which means you aren’t faffing about trying to precisely aim at a manic warrior trying to destroy you.


There’s a large collection of challenges in each level that you can complete for bonuses such as the usual collect 10 red skulls or reach a certain number of points which you get for killing enemies or collecting orbs. Which looks like it will really add more life to game as you come back to try and polish off all of the objectives.


This is also the first Lara Croft game to include co op and if you do so you must work together to utilise both players weapons and tools to work through challenges on the level that you previously solved on your own in the single player.


Graphically it is bordering towards cartoonish rather than cutting edge realism but this isn’t a dig at the game as it’s incredibly well done and the details throughout the levels are incredible as are the character models.


The levels have incredibly depth as you go through them you can see the lower levels and where you’ve been previously in incredible detail. The levels also have an incredible atmosphere thanks to the little touches like flickering lights and shadows being cast from the surroundings buildings.




The game also has some fantastic art work on the menus and loading screens.


As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now I really like this game and at £9.99 on the Playstation store its well worth getting if you like the demo.


By Aaron Kalair






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Fri, 23 November, 2012 4:58 PM