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Little Big Planet Beta Hands On!

Rogue Playtests Sonys Custom Playground.


This week saw the beta for Little Big Planet start for those lucky enough to get the codes.

So our man Rogue Hallinian playtests to the early hours. Here's his thoughts.


For me this has to be a day one purchase now , was not sure on it to be honest looked ok liked the idea but was never 100% sure what exactly it was.

I think its what you want from it that may decide if its for you or not ....


Booted it up and went straight into the tutorials , and boy are there plenty of them , and in that it gives you a great indication straight of the bat that there is such a depth to this game.

The narative thru this is done by stephen fry and at first it felt a little like hitch hikers but quickly felt more like pocyo as there is a very family feel which is in keeping with the game , however some of us adults might find it a little annoying .

With this sort of game you got to know your stuff and its well worth going through all the tutorials .
Once the basic of these is done you slowly get to grips with the game with a nice few levels to ease you in .


The old sack boy felt very fiddilly at first but once you get the hang of it his pretty much easy to control.
The story mode's few levels at first are pretty simple but look fantastic this game is very easy on the eye .


Theres already over 9 pages of user created content going from the insanly simple to wired and damb right confusing.
Iv been joined by 3 other players in my pod and we jump from map to map and it ran pretty smoothly .
The team races are real good fun, which mainly involve a jet powerd skateboard that with seen a few time's in the vids .


But what strikes you straight away is that when this game is out there is going to be a unlimited supply of new content ok some will be crap but like UT3 mod scene for every 10 crap maps there going to one really good one that going to be worth checking out.


I cant explain to well how much you can do in this and for those of you out there that are into level design your going to love this .

There's nothing you cant do , last night i created a poor but instantly reconisable AT-AT and manage to get it walking tho it looked totally pissed it was atleast going forward


I then snapped some pics of my 1977 toy AT-AT just the armour and plasted it across my in game one
(You can take a pic of anything and stick it in game ) done the same with a stormtrooper and had his head sticking out the holes on the side it looked very very basic and not that good if im honest .
But that was on my first days play and took me a age , just think what them people that have so much time on there hands are going to come up with.


I dont have the time a or patience to sit there and do all that , i dabble but crist knows what we will see a few months down the line after release.


Just to get a object in the game looking right is going to take a few hours.
But one of the best things about this is that once you do have somthing that looks the nuts , its yours and noone els's and you have the option to put in you map some where hard to reach as a reward and to tempt players into your games .
Which in effect is another reason to keep playing others maps as you never know what items they may have up for rewards .

Even now im thinking to my self im going to try this... what if i do that ect ect ... cant wait to get back on it even tho my eyes are stinging and iv run out of coffee

I Really cant see what is not to like about the game .. if you love platformers you love this .. love designing you own levels with a very user friendly interface but has so much depth you cant see past LBP.


Co-op's going to be class in fact only thing i see people complaining about is the platform jumping aka mario style.


But if you see that as such a bad thing you go create what you like and change the trend.
If poeple not happy with the content you can go see if you can do better.


I now understand why people are so hyped for this game.


By Rogue









Fri, 8 October, 2010 8:44 AM