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Moving MAG...nificently!


Motion control goes hardcore



Motion gaming is a strenuous thing.


Pulled muscles, shattered chandeliers and smashed windows are just three things that go hand in hand with flapping about in my front room.

Do I like it?

Well yes, sort of and that is because of the technology involved with the new Move controllers and sports champions.

But what I really want is a good old adult game, when I say adult game I’m not talking about a porn game, I'm more talking, "Hardcore", hardcore is the new rock and roll.

It's what is said when trying to get the likes of me involved in the motion gaming era. I tried the Wii and loved Brothers in Arms but it all fell apart with sloppy controls, bang, bang, bang.............MAG just knocked on the door.

Sony's massive action game is the first FPS to try out the brand new Move controllers, in fact this is what I've been waiting for, the chance to test a shooter. Will it replicate a mouse and keyboard set up?

The first thing I did was strap my Move controller into the new shiny Gun add-on from Amazon, boot up training and run off shouting, it works ok, press triangle to crouch, erm how can I do that with the Move in my gun you ask? Well just press it on the DS3, fumble, controller on the floor.

If you want to play MAG with a shooter add-on you need the Nav controller. Fact. Out comes the Move controller and I try again. My god it's fast. I took the look speed down to 30, yes 30 out of 100 and it's still VERY fast. MAG not only works with Move it's faster than I'd ever thought it could be. Fantastic stuff.

I finished my first game on MAG in 4th place. Take into account that it was my first go on the new map and with a new feel to the game I'd have to say Move worked very well. I’m really looking forward to getting used to it.

Your thumb uses the face buttons on the top of the Move and the DS3 does the running and ADS.

I think people will be shocked at how good Move feels with MAG.

Now when's that Assault Rifle add-on coming out?


By Krisaim



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Fri, 8 October, 2010 8:44 AM