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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

A Stunning Masterpiece


Metal Gear Solid, the game which sold thousands of PS1 and 2’s is now back to deliver its final chapter on the Playstation 3 renown for its quality when it comes to graphics, level design and game mechanics the Playstation 3 enables Kojima to take the game to new heights.


Set after MGS2, MGS4 ties up the loose ends and provides and ending to the epic sage which has captured gamers for years. Let’s talk about the gameplay first.


In number 4 you play as Snake whose mission is kill Liquid and the game is split into 4 chapters and as the game unfolds additional reasons for fighting emerge. The game has added a ton of additional features to give it more depth, now you have an Octocamo suit which changes to blend in with the surroundings, weapons can not simply just be picked up as they are protected by the system and must be unlocked by a merchant called Drebin.


Snakes, eye enables him to switch between different views such as night vision and zoom. There is now a stamina gauge affected by your situation so if you engage a large number on enemies in battle it will rise making Snake have to stop occasionally and lower accuracy.


Also now if you help soldiers on the battlefield they will return the favour and assist you. Several characters also make a return such as Meryl, Naomi and the Cornel and you learn there fates and the role they have to play helping snake who doesn’t have long left due to fox die and accelerated aging due to the cloning.


The actual gameplay is a refined version of what it’s always been you must sneak through levels to get to your object and if you like you can fight but normally it’s easier to just sneak around. Added to the mix are additional elements which make you think more for example there’s a mission where you must track someone and look at recently disturbed plants to identify where they went.


Graphically it’s also stunning, the attention to detail on Snakes sneaking suit is amazing as are all of the faces, bodies and textures on clothing and the surroundings. From dark wet streets to desert battlefields they are all stunningly reproduced.


Cutscenes are a massive part of the game and often the briefing for the missions are around 40 – 60 minutes which can get annoying but they really provide detailed information on the world your in and help to fill in all the missing information from the other games. They too though look amazing and do sometimes provide opportunities for you to interact.


The game also features an online mode and before I talk about that I need to talk about actually getting online. You must first download an update which will take hours to complete and this is a real annoyance as everyone has better things to do than watch a progress bar and then once your past that you must create a character and unless you pay you can only have one character per console.


These minor annoyances aside the online mode is very solid and features good varied gameplay. The maps are parts of the levels from the story mode with some new ones and there are plenty of game modes from the traditional death match to modes where you have to kill Snake and whoever plays as him is armed with few weapons. Also it features private lobbies, invites and messaging which is a big plus.


Overall it is a must play for any series of the fan but a casual player may be blown away by the looks and admire the open gameplay but be frustrated by the long cut scenes.


By Aaron Kalair









Fri, 8 October, 2010 8:44 AM