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Medal Of Honor 2010/Frontline Reviews


Medal Of Honor is back with the best package in years


Medal Of Honor 2010

Medal of Honor has been set in World War Two for over 10 years when it started life on the very first Playstation. That game won awards and went on to being one of, if not the best FPS on the Playstation.

So 10 years on and EA move into the Modern era of shooting, was it a wise move or have EA shot themselves in the foot?

It's hard to write a review on a game that boasts such realism, a game that makes you care about what you are doing, a game that stirs emotion in you. Emotion? It’s a First Person Shooter, what are you on about?

Yes it is a FPS, a short one at that it's based in Afghanistan based on events that American, and British troops have to face and it all kicks off at the start and doesn't let up until the end. The chopper on-rails section is the best of its type that I've played in any game before. On-rails parts in the past have felt like breaks in the play to give you a rest, not here. It's so realistic with chitter chatter over the mics with you taking up the front gunner seat. In parts you have to blink to remember you're playing a game 

Medal Of Honor doesn't glorify the conflict, instead it drives home what problems the troops face and I wish the newspapers and press would play games before making stupid statements about what we should play or why we shouldn't. The game shows the courage and comradeship that troops show each other and the "Leave no man behind" element is evident throughout.

Game play sees more stealth than I've seen in any other FPS with you being rewarded for not "going hot". I wish I could talk more about the game but I will NOT spoil anything for other players only saying that taking cover is key.

The graphics are stellar throughout with some jaw dropping moments as sunlight glints through dust and trees, moonlit missions are incredible. 
What MOH does so well is make you feel very vulnerable in situations that you find yourself in where no matter how high tech you may think you are over the rest of the world, when it comes down to numbers you are just as vulnerable as everyone else.

Overall EA has crafted a very enjoyable game that totally overshadows the other "Modern" shooter in every way. No mindless killing here.
EA need to build on a great start but not by bringing out cheap shots of DLC that cost an arm and a leg. Play it fair EA and remember you are up against a large cash cow so give us some FREE DLC to keep us on your side of the modern war fence.


Medal Of Honor Frontline Remastered

Playstation 3 owners that have bought the new Medal Of Honor may have got a surprise when unboxing there new game, a copy of the Playstation 2 classic is included free of charge as a PS3 exclusive. Is it worth retreading the sandy Omaha Beaches or is it stuck in the mud?

Medal Of Honor Frontline was the first Playstation 2 game to showcase what the PS2 was capable of. Frontline won awards and had some stellar reviews with a few 10/10's and 5/5 scores with the opening level on the Normandy coast blowing gamers away with screams, explosions and gunfire as you tried to run up Omaha beach to take a foothold in what spanned out to be of the most varied shooters of last gen.

So what's changed? Well nothing if you read Eurogamers in depth probing of the game. Eurogamer, one of the biggest games websites on the net, have you played the first game?

On booting up Frontline on PS2 or the Xbox, I own both, the first thing you see is a very muddy Higgins boat full of very blurry GI's on their way to hell. 
What you are now greeted with is a totally different look with a re-done sea with lighting effects casting oFri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AMoking Omaha Beach. As you stand and look at your doomed team of troops you can see the wFri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM read text on the uniforms and lifejackets, the boat floor now has a bottom to it instead of a blurred blue look you can see how it's made. Light and shadows are now strong cast over the GIs and beach obstacles. One of the big changes to the game as far as game play goes is the iron sights. Like most FPS games iron sights is a must and now Frontline has it. What this in fact does is make the game feel fresh as I've only ever played this game shooting from the hip.

The lighting and shadows are evident throughout every level but what stands out most of all for me is the sharp AI that makes you forget your playing and near 9 year old game. They will move in and out of cover, throw grenades back at you, kick them away and even dive on them to save their chums from taking damage, good old Germans.
Frontlines levels have you scaling huge bridges, storming towns, fields, beaches and back streets in Holland, riding a mine cart and taking out antiaircraft spotter lights.
Frontline is regarded by many as the best Medal Of Honor and taking away the graphics and flash of the new game, Frontline still has the edge. It maybe old but it has balls; you even get a trophy for shooting twenty Germans in the balls. 

Call Of Duty (1), Frontline and Brothers In Arms are my most played WW2 shooters. Eurogamer are so off with what they say about the re-make. EA have done a great job with an old game and veteran WW2 shooters need to boot up for a nostalgic blast on Frontline that has never looked better. Arnhem Nights that was hampered by frame rate problems is now as smooth as a nut. This maybe the last time EA put out a shooter set in WW2 on PS3, I hope not but give it a go, after all it was free and hell, you will enjoy it.



By Krisaim (Purchased Game)




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