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Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Review

Good: Great Gameplay, Amazing Sunsets, Great Challenge Bad: Gameplay may be too slow for some


Operation flashpoint dragon rising is a unique experience. It’s unlike any other game I’ve played. It’s a first person shooter where you have to take your time and plan out your attacks to a degree that you don’t have to on any other game. Fail to do so and you have very little chance of completing the mission. This means that progress is slow and you need to have patience and persistence.

Flashpoint biggest strength is its gameplay. You must complete a set of objectives on a small part of a massive island. But you can’t just rush in and tear through the enemies. You must pick out as many as possible from a far then carefully check your map to figure out how to flank any remaining enemies as charging in is just too dangerous when you could be taken out by one lucky headshot.

The game features a variety of different missions, for example on one mission you need to escort tanks through a dangerous valley infested with anti armour teams. How you do this is up to you, you could race forward down the road and take the teams out or plough through the hills and kill them from behind.

Another mission is much less violent and sees you observing an enemy leader through the level before finally having to kill him and destroy the radio station he visits. You could hit both with an airstrike or move in with your team and shoot them. The former takes more planning but makes the mission so much easier.

These are only two out of the 11 missions in the game but you get the same level of choice on all of them and choosing the right path can mean the difference between an easy or near impossible mission.

As I said at the start graphics aren’t amazing but there are some very nice touches. For example the sky and sunsets are fantastic with amazing colours and they look incredibly realistic. Where the graphics fall down is on the people and vehicles and whilst they aren’t amazing there not awful.

Although the game suffered some online connection issues when it was first released it works flawlessly now and online is really where the game needs to be played. Playing with humans makes the game much more fun, you can talk and coordinate much more complex attacks and it’s good to have someone to talk to when you’re walking the 3km hike to your next objective.

Overall the game is superb unfortunately it has been overlooked by many but is a unique experience and challenge.





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Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM