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Pro Evo 2011 Review


Pro Evo is Back !


Easily the jewel in the PES crown, along with Master League. Every goal feels satisfying and you'll often find yourself celebrating along with the players! The AI is tough on top player and the way that you organise your team tactically is paramount to how you will perform on the pitch.


Much improved. The commentary team has been improved following the addition of Jim Beglin. The commentators now talk specifically about stadia, club rivalries, player history etc. The most pleasing feature for me is the fact that the commentators will now mention player/team names in relation to what's happening on the pitch - e.g. "and Nani shoots!". In addition, a stadium announcer has been added. He will often mention the crowd attendance, player substitutions and stoppage time etc.


Konami have improved the graphics year upon year on the PS3. This years iteration includes a big improvement graphically over PES10. The player animations have been improved immeasurably on the whole. The physics are realistic, player collisions wonderful and the highlights now give a sense of fast flowing action with the inclusion of motion blur.


The menus have been totally revamped to look sheek and quick. The team management screen is a huge change to the previous 10 or so PES games, and as such will require getting used to. The in-game music is actually quite good, although this can be replaced with music from the hard drive.


The new Master League Online mode looks really promising so far. It sees the player start with the default players (Castolo, Minanda, Espimas et al). You then gain money by playing matches against other opponents - gaining more money depending on the result of the game. You then have to spend this money wisely in order to improve your team.


The implementation of the UEFA Champions League licence is back and better than ever. The pre-match cut scene makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...I never skip a Champs League intro now! Copa Liberatadores has been added, in addition to the Super Cup.


Editing (including the allowance of "prequel" data) is top notch - all kits can be made convincingly. The new stadium creation mode allows the user to create a variety of different stadiums. Although it appears rather simplistic at first, it does allow for many different variations of stadiums to be created. Each team can be assigned a different stadium, which can be used in all offline modes. A competition creator/editor has also been added. This allows the user to create/edit a competition, as well as setting the logo (added to the shirts), entrance music etc. A nice touch.


You can get a patch from here for all the offical teams etc

UK gamers will most likely need this one


- Graphics/Animations
- Improved in-game atmosphere
- Passing/Shooting mechanics
- The flow of each game is clearly affected by the teams playing/game plan
- Edit mode is brilliant


- No player growth when playing Master League Online
- People exploiting Master League Online mode for more money
- Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM


9/1Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM href="">Jules Willing



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