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Socom US Navy Seals: Confrontation

Socom is back

When it comes to last gen online gaming, many will argue that the xbox left the Playstation 2 eating it's dust. Rightly or wrongly this may be true. Despite PS2 sharing a bigger online community, on consoles sold at the time the xbox faded out it was the xbox that shared the better stats for consoles sold to people online on live.


Despite this there was one factor that Playstation 2 fans had over the rival console, that was Socom.

Socoms tactical play was only rivalled by Counter Strike on the PC. Its addictive team based game play was 1st in its class and Socom 2 was regarded by many as one of the best online shooters out on any format. Ubisoft changed the Ghost Recon style of play on consoles to try and tap into the numbers Socom was enjoying but would never match the kinds of numbers that crashed the servers in the US when Socom 2 first came out as 1000's went online in the first few hours of the game coming out.



Socom for PS3 has been a long time coming, a next gen Socom was the game of choice for many online team players. Slant Six showed off a next gen crossroads and people went nuts. At least diehard Socom 2 fans did. Then came down the pipelines that Desert Glory and Frostfire would make the grade. This will be the best Socom ever!! Or will it?


It broke hearts after the public beta when luke-warm to bad reviews started to show up on the net. What has gone so wrong? Public rooms of 32 were a mess as players tried hosting matches above and beyond there broadband capabilities. Patch after patch followed the US game with progress improving each time in what must be said, the largest ongoing console beta test ever.


So now the Europeans at last get chance to taste Next Gen Socom, was it worth the wait?
What you get here is all the patches on the disc, apart from the small patch of 150MB. Anyone that played the beta will see the set-up has not changed and after a few presses of the X you will be in game, the difference here in March is you are greeted with a lag free game on nearly every room you enter. With Americans or wherever you choose to play you'll find a smooth experience. In fact the only time I have seen any jitter when moving was once in a 32 player game on Crossroads.


So how does it play? Well like Socom 2. Running needs to be held but apart from that you will jump right in and feel at home. Maps are all a good size and some are stunning. Desert Glory is incredible and anyone that played the games on PS2 will be right at home. Cars and trucks litter the place and dust blows about with electrical effects twinkling as shot broken wires blow about in the breeze. Headshots are the usual one shot kill and if you have steady hands you will be rewarded for your efforts.


All the game modes from the PSP and Socom 3 move over and you can play the different modes on all the maps including night and day.

If you’re not convinced that Socom PS3 needs your time then I will take you through 5 minutes of game play last night.


We were on a map called Fallen, a very well designed map. The mode was demolition and they had the bomb. It was dark and the dreaded "Bomb Planted" sounded. I was aware that I was the last man as the comms fell silent. I knew all eyes were on me as I ran as fast as I could to the plant with my heartbeat rapidly getting faster and faster. I was unsure where the bomb was so I hurled a nade over the wall and ran. It killed the planter and his friend ran up stairs to find me franticly trying to jump down to the plant. In a frantic spray of bullets he dropped as I fell into the pit where the bomb was. I held the controFri, 23 November, 2012 5:00 PMthe round. I could hardly speak and my hands were shaking.

Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:00 PMt of thing, pure adrenaline.

This is Socom.



(if only 7 maps offend you then take a point off but night and day make it feel like 14 maps)

By Krisaim









Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:00 PM