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Spiderman 3 Playstation 3 Review

The Webbed Wonder swings onto Next Gen.


Spiderman was hailed as a huge success when it came out on Playstation followed by Spiderman 2 on the Playstation 2 bringing with it a more open New York and more realistic web swinging with a little bit of GTA’s mission structure thrown in for good measure.

Now it’s the turn of Playstation 3 and while it’s a shinny New York and Spiderman some may feel left out in the cold. Read on.


Spiderman 3 is a good looking game, New York is quite simply huge with some fantastic lighting effects cascading off the huge sky scrapers and the main man himself looks as real as he can in a game. The first thing I did after the short intro, think getting to grips with the basic moves, was to head up the Empire State building. I advise everyone to try this. You can look down at the cars as far as you can see and also see the people going about there daily business. Jump off and it seams an age as you plummet towards the ground. Hit R2 and your off swinging around the Big Apple, and it’s very big.


One thing that did disappoint was the bridges just end in no-mans land. This is very poor; in fact some of the city that you can’t reach over the bridge is half finished with muddy blobs of buildings on the floor next to a finished building. This is a perfect example of a game that has been rushed and halted for the big 4th May film showing.


The game itself follows the film, I won’t go into that, but there are quite a few different side quests and tokens to collect as well as challenges scattered about the City. Want to help the police? Random objectives often pop up as you swing through the streets with the chase missions being the best. Follow the police chase up above and swoop down onto the car roof and let the blows rain down on the helpless villains. For the driver the game goes into a button press ala ‘track and field’. Press circle and square as fast as you can to rip the bonnet off as Spidy swings down to web the engine.

It’s all exciting stuff………………….at first. Where Spiderman falls short is at heart the main part of the game, the combat. Although the moves are good fun it soon becomes very repetitive therefore a little dull. Fans of the films will love the feel of the game like myself but there’s no getting away from the shallow game play.
It’s a shame; there is so much polish here.


The best way to describe Spiderman 3 is, “an open ended beat-um-up”. If this strikes you as interesting you’ll love the game. Myself? I found driving round an uglier looking New York in the Godfather far more exciting and far more varied.

Spiderman will sell well, in fact its gone straight in at No1 without the help of the PS3 version. I sound like I’m down on the game but I just wanted more.

The swinging is second to none, the City is stunning, Spiderman is so detailed that squinting a little at the HD image and you could be looking at the film in the right location. If only the game play was as polished. Fun yes, but samey.


The sound in Spiderman 3 is flawless with everything taken from the film.

It is worth pointing out that Spiderman 3 on PS3 is the best of the bunch when scanning the huge amount of reviews on the net. Take heed of this, there are no big problems with frame rate so don’t be put off by some reviews telling you its very choppy. I have reviewed the final retail version of the game and it runs smooth and keeps a good speed at all times. I have covered over 95% coverage in my stats so yes; I’ve seen nearly ALL of what New York as to offer.


Overall 7/10

Gameplay 7
Graphics 9
Value 7
Sound 9

By Krisaim









Fri, 23 November, 2012 5:08 PM