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WRC FIA World Rally Championship Demo Review


WRC Offically Comes to Next Gen Consoles


The concept of WRC is pretty boring for a fun game. You race over long distances on your own with no opponents in site. Then repeat 20 or so times. However what has made previous games so exciting is the sense of danger you got when tearing through the forest, mere centimetres from disaster. Then there’s the massive thrill you get as you clear the section and it all starts again.


There hasn’t been an official WRC game for a long time and never on a next generation console. DIRT has provided rally fans with there fix but it just isn’t the same without the official cars, tracks and teams. So does this game fill the void?


Well watching the intro video as the demo loads fills you with horror. Have they released the PS2 demo onto the PS3? Actually the graphics look pretty close to the PSP version which came out 5 years ago. Fortunately this video isn’t taken from the game your actually playing who knows why they thought it was a good idea to include this video as you wait to get started.


You have two tracks in the demo one in the sands of Jordan and another in the gravel of Finland.  The area immediately around you doesn’t look too bad, it’s not ground breaking but it’s acceptable. However off in the distance things deteriorate quickly, the textures in front of you are virtually non existent and turn into a blur.

The graphics as you smash your car to pieces are pretty spectacular though the windscreen deteriorates with cracks and you can see the side windows and door panels start to cave in as you smash them into rocks and barriers.

The graphics don’t create any sense of speed or drama, you can only really feel the speed at 180kmh + any less than that you have idea how fast you’re going and you don’t feel the sense of danger that should be there as your body tells you this is insane slow down.

There is one neat effect I do want to mention though ands that’s how the bonnet jumps up and blocks your view as you jump over hills in the road after you damage it, this really reminded me of watching WRC on TV.

I had one of the most spectacular crashes I’ve ever experienced in a rally game during the demo where I felt every roll and smash into the ground coming off of a high speed section where I didn’t slow down fast enough and saw the car break down with more cracks appearing on the windscreen and side windows with every roll.


However although the game claims to have damage I’ve had some serious crashes and the handling of the car hasn’t changed at all despite the damage indicator glowing red and yellow.


And this is a major problem with the game; it’s a racing game with incredibly poor driving physics. The car feels as if it’s stuck to the gravel, when I’m tearing along a gravel road at 100+ mph it should be twitchy as my car just skims the road bouncing up and down over the uneven surface but it doesn’t it feels as heavy as crawling around at 10mph.

Going round corners the car does slide sometimes but the wheels don’t slip on the road as you accelerate out of the corners and it just doesn’t feel right. F1 2010 is slippier than this game.

Mostly though you will go round corners with the car glued to the road and having perfect traction.


The sound of the cars is odd its more of a hum which gets slightly louder as you move up through the revs, it really sounds nothing like a car I’ve ever heard, add to this the co driver who whispers instructions anFri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AMthey did there part.


It’s a real Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM the tracks, cars and levels like WRC-J and WRC-P, online multiplayer and through car set up options. I wont be buying this game when it comes out and I doubt other many people will with F1 2010 just out and GT5 coming soon with its own rally mode.


By Aaron Kalair


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