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B Boy Review

Does B Boy have the beat? We Review it.


Has B Boy got the beat to beat other games into your collection?

Original games are hard to find, most games involve sports or guns, but B Boy doesn’t. 

The idea is to be the best dancer you do this by racking up points performing moves and getting even more for combo’s similar to Tony Hawks. This tried and tested system works well. You achieve badges by getting points in different areas and the player with the most badges wins.

Although the principle for a new innovative game is good, unfortunately it’s not done well. The game is very repetitive you simply perform in dance off’s against opponents over and over again. There is a training mode but this is the same as a dance off but with a teacher. 

The sounds have to be good on a dancing game if you’re going to get into the beat and dance, unfortunately I wasn’t to keen on the music but it may just be my tastes. 

Graphically it does look nice, not the best the system has ever seen but certainly not the worst either. Settings are reasonably varied, and look nice with little touches. Players are customizable with clothes and bling adding another layer to the game. 

The major problem is the loading times they are appalling, from the second you start the game until you get into a dance it takes at least 5 minutes and even switching between menu items takes 10 – 15 seconds.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the game. It never appealed to me but dance fans might be able to overlook the small issues and enjoy it.


By Aaron Kalair








Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM