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Killzone Liberation Review

The most controversial PS3 game and interesting PS2 game comes to PSP


No Hype...... 

The best PSP game 

is here! 

When it comes to over hype, one game stands out on PS2.....Killzone. 

Without a doubt the "Halo Killer" talk started way back when Killzone didn't even have a name. 

It arrived on Playstation 2 with mixed reviews but it has it's fans and no one can deny it's gritty take on future war. 

Killzone has style and it was only a matter of time before a PSP game would come along,, but here's the deal. Killzone PSP was not hyped, not blown up to be a game killer, instead, Killzone has come out quietly without any fuss at all. The result? Well Sony has got one of the best PSP games to date on it's hands. 

Right from the opening cut scene this game has style in every department, from the slick menus to the fantastic tactical gameplay. Killzone PSP deserves big sales. It outshines most console games I've played lately including Next Gen titles. 

You take control of Templar our hero from the PS2 version of the game. The shift has gone from first person to third person, sounds odd?? In fact the new look of Killzone is what pulls you straight into the gritty world right from the off. When you start the first level you'll think it's a cut scene as a drop ship screams overhead, the graphics are quite simply stunning. 

The single player game consists of four levels broken up into four sections in each. The "nub" controls movement while R1moves you into crouch position square is fire. Here's the thing, you move up to cover and crouch, by tapping shoot your character will pop up and shoot. When your in range of the enemy the a health bar will pop up over there head making it a little easier to make your shots count. Ducking and reloading has never been so important in a game. Every now and then you'll come across boxes that you can shoot out or ammo dumps that store guns, grenades and heath as well as other things like health for your very competent AI buddy that comes in from time to time to help out on certain levels. This in itself becomes a good challenge and a twist in the gameplay as you then have to think about both of you. 

As for the enemy, they will duck, strafe, team up to over power you, flank you and wait until your reloading before storming in. In fact this is some of the smartest AI I've seen in a game. The developers really know how to make the PSP sing. 

One of the best parts of Killzone for me are the spider-bombs. They are crab like bombs that will spring into life with movement or when you take a pot shot at them. What this does is bring4/04/07 4:32 PM enemy is close to one you can shoot it and it will hunt down the nearest person to it and seeing the AI run like hell is very funny as they shout out cry's of panic then explode as the spider detonates itself. 

As for the multiplayer?? Things  are going to be hot once the update arrives soon. You can play now with Ad Hoc for six players but everyone wants online play. 

The developers have said that no less that 4 new single player missions, 2 new multiplayer maps, new modes and skins etc are all going to be uploaded to servers soon for us to download via the Download section in a free update. 

Killzone PSP is the best game I've played on the system. It captures the feel of war and places it where, really, it shouldn't belong. What do I mean? Well when you play this game from the off it just feels like it should be a huge home console game, this is by no means an insult to handheld games but an honour to how good this game really is. I really can't say more without spoiling things. Get it. 


By Krisaim








Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM