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Loco Roco

The most innovative game to date?



Well its finally here, the first innovative game for PSP, but what exactly is it all about? Well the Loco Roco lived in harmony, and all they wanted to do was have fun but then the Moja Troop came down from the stars to ruin it all. Its now up to you to save the Loco Roco before its too late!


So what’s the idea of the game i hear you ask? Its very simple, you play the part of the planet and you have to tilt left and right to help the Loco Roco avoid and kill the Moja Troop, it really is that simple. Use the L and R button to tilt the screen and the Loco Roco roll through a variety of different levels, solving puzzles and eating berries to increase the Loco Roco popularity before they are all eaten! But there is more, you can collect what is called Pickories to unlock mini games at the end of the stage, as well as Loco Roco house parts to build your very own Loco Roco house and each level consists of 3 Loco Roco friends in the form of Mui Mui who use the Loco Roco house. There are also 5 different colored Loco Roco to unlock and use on any level. The best ones are the red. black and yellow Loco Roco who all have there own unique sounds. You'll also need to 'split' the Loco Roco to solve puzzles.


Nothing amazing here, but then it doesn’t have to be, very nice artwork and the levels are colourful and varied and its all very pretty to look at and enjoy, so all in all its very good.


One of the best parts of the game, the music is all very jolly and friendly and the voices of the Loco Roco are like nothing you've ever heard in a video game, but so brilliant and funny, really adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Final Comments
I can guarantee this game will make you smile and laugh from start to finish. In 20 years of gaming i have never played a game like it, you really need to try it and you'll see what im talking about. Innovative, funny and great fun, just like a video game should be. The only real problem is that it is a bit short but you'll have great fun playing this, and there is the mini games to keep you going for a bit longer. An instant classic, go buy it!


By JBloke








Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM