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Metal Gear Ac!d

The new style of Metal Gear, is it any good?


The acid games were welcomed with mixed views from the world of gamers. Some thought the new style was an interesting concept and could lead to a revolution in puzzle games, whilst others thought the idea was boring and that the Metal Gear franchise was being milked.

So what is this new style of Metal Gear game play? A card game. No not UNO or Poker which are on the Live Market place for a very good price, a Metal Gear card game where cards control your every move ability and your luck is decided by your hand and your enemies hand.

The game works quite well it has to be said and although sometimes it can get quite boring if you have a large area to cover and have to use ten plus cards to get there whilst stopping every 2 cards for your cost to decrease (more on that later). 

Every card in your hand has a cost and ability. Abilities include moving, shooting, hanging and using CQC against your enemies. The better the ability the more it costs to use, for instance a move card that lets you move three squares costs less to use than a move card that lets you move five squares.

As Snake you are allowed to use two cards a turn after you’ve made your move your cost is added up and it’s your enemies turn. After they’ve made there move your costs gets lowered and whoever’s cost is lowest gets there turn, this process repeats until you complete the objective.

It probably doesn’t sound that exciting but it works well and is perfect for a quick blast on the move. 

Graphically it is high quality like all other PSP games; the style is on the verge of becoming cartoony but in a way that suits the game. Levels are large and varied, there is some noticeable frame rate drop in some large areas but this is infrequent and not enough to spoil a wonderful game.

The sounds are where this game lacks unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid has always been known for its incredible voice talent, but there is none of this in Ac!d. I guess on the positive side you can improve your reading skill.

Sound effects such as footsteps and gun shots are nice but nothing to go crazy about, I think though perhaps they were limited with the space on a UMD so great sounds and amazing levels both couldn’t be put in.

In conclusion this really is a ‘Marmite’ game, hate it or love it. Fans of the series will either dislike the lack of chronological story or love the fact Metal Gear has been shown in a different way. You can pick it up cheap on EBay and second hand in game shops so you really have no excuse not to try it.


By Aaron Kalair








Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM