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Medal Of Honor Heroes Review

The EA series comes to the PSP


Medal of Honour has been steadily declining over the years. EA release sequel after sequel but instead of building upon the basics, they seem to kick out the basics and try something fancy, but do it poorly. 

So when I saw MOH Hero’s getting rave reviews I thought maybe EA were rethinking and starting to put thought into their games so I decided to see for myself if the MOH series was getting back on track. 

The first thing you notice is EA’s cool new war logo, which the PSP screen, really shows off well. Then the intro clips load, and it’s the same style as all MOH games with the same guy doing the voice over as in previous games. 

Take the fight online.

I’m then presented with a series of options. I choose to take it online first as this is what I’ve been most excited about. 32 player online death matches! 

Unfortunately it takes some time to get online without a keyboard typing in your details is pretty tedious but once you’re on you see your summary screen. You have a Rep in the same format as the LIVE reputation meter and an overall score which is determined by kill/death ratio. 

I then went onto joining a room. This was done in the traditional style that we all love; you get a list of games and choose the one you want to join. 

I joined a room and was instantly in. I was stunned at first by the graphics. They are crisp clear and incredible. It has to be one of the best looking games I own, and I own an Xbox 360! 

The control system is similar to Syphon Filter, the triangle and x buttons look up and down and square and circle move left and right. The analogue stick controls your movement speed. If you push it forward twice quickly you can run until your stamina runs out. 

There are more than enough maps to choose from and each is based on a level from the single player so even new players who have never played online but completed the single player can jump straight in. 

Unfortunately there is no headset support so instead you can use the in game keyboard which is disappointing. Developers really need to recognize that online gaming now needs headset support to really engage the player and allow them to co operate as a team though 32 people all trying to talk at the same time would be a little messy. 

There are what seems like hundreds of costumes to choose from online and these are unlocked by completing offline missions and getting certain ‘achievements’ such as killing one hundred men. 

Go It Alone.

I then went onto the single player. The first thing I noticed was the missions were quite short. EA had said this was purposely done to make it playable on the move, and I believed them, why? The loading times are next to none and all extras like cut scenes are fully skip able. So this isn’t just an excuse it really is built for portable play. 

The offline missions however are really well constructed. They see you sometimes stealing documents or gathering intel but the best are ones which see you capturing certain areas in a method similar to capture the flag but with AI. These are really enjoyable and work well. 

So then closing comments, this is a really good comeback for the MOH series and EA have put a lot of work into making it portable. Although short the online gives it replay value.

With Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms taking aim soon, who will win the fight for WW2 victory on PSP?   


By Aaron Kalair








Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM