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Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

The best FPS, to date?


Well back in the days when i had a ps2 and just started online gaming, there was not to much to choose from for the ps2 it was either socom 1-2 or splinter cell.

Now with the limited online play available on the ps2 any game that offered co-op online must be worth a look.
As it turned out syphon filter on the ps2 was a superb online co-op game , it was rather short but there was solid playability and fun to be had with this game.

So i was glad that after getting rid my 360 and having a psp that they had just released a brand of new syphon filter for the psp. 

Syphon filter Dark Mirror take's place in the future and has nothing to do with the ps2 older version.
you play a secret government agent that's sent to various locations around the world to stop terrorist cells from destroying world peace blah blah , (nothing new here then)

Now the first thing you notice with Dark Mirror is the stunning graphics for a handheld, yes there's a little load time but the cut scenes in this game give the best ps2 games a run for there money .

Syphon filter plays somewhere between splinter cell and fear
Not quite a sneaky slow game but its no run and gun as well.
like with splinter cell you have access to wide range of gadgets, from remote mines, sniper guns with darts as bullets that can either explode , gas or electrocute your foes.
Plus you have 3 different types of glasses emdu , night vision and a type of xrayinfrared that allows you to see thru walls etc. 

One of the things that made the ps2 version so good was the amount of weapons you could have and this game is no different with anything from a sawn of shot gun to twin handed guns,m60's to claymore's, flashbangs there all here and plenty more .

One problem that has been with fps's on the psp is the control systems, with out the second analog stick its been hard for developers to have aiming and movement with out it being to fiddly.
With SYPHON FILTER dark mirror they have one of the best control systems on the psp even giving socom a run for its money .
You use the analog stick to move and the CIRCLE,SQUARE,X AND TRIANGLE to move the cross hair.
Takes a little to get used to but in the end works, mainly because of the left bumper button works as a auto lock ,click it once for a lock on then click again to lock on to the head for head shot etc. (its not as easy as it sounds ).

You can also use cover just by taping up twice on the analog stick , alot like vegas when in cover than gears but its works well when needing to stealthily complete alevel.

The single player mission are varied if alittle small which swing between slight puzzle solving to more run and gun .
The game for a handheld is pretty long but the levels are broken down into chapters so its still got the on the move playability.

November 15, 2008 7:40 PMd hoc and 8 player online play.
Online you have 5 maps (alittle stingy but they promise more to come), with deathmatch, team deathmatch , objective(co-op) rogue agent. 
So far online has been lag free if alittle frustrating as id advise that you complete the game first and try to unlock the weapons in single player to use online as you will spawn with pretty poor weapons, though you can pick up most of the weapons hidden around the maps.
Online also has voice support for those with a headset, plus you can create your own cell(clan) or host your own game private or public. 

To sum up this has to be one of if not the best all round fps's on the psp doesn't beat socom in the online part of the game but in the single player it just pips it.


By Rouge Hallinan  

Fri, 22 October, 2010 6:05 PM