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Tekken Dark Resurrection Review

Can this game beat the rest to the top?



Yep, you've guessed it, the Iron Fist Tournament is back yet again, but this time for its first outing on the PSP. And let me start by saying what a brilliant first outing it is. Why? Well where do i start? First of all there are 30+ characters to choose from, all with varying styles and moves, from the instantly recognizable Jin Kazama and Hwoarang to the more recent Raven. Fans of the PS2 title Tekken 5 however will recognize the new characters in this game. Then there are the game modes which are fantastic, the instantly accessible Story Mode and Arcade Battle, but now there is the Tekken Dojo mode which allows you to fight opponents of varying skills and difficulty, this mode also enables you to unlock the mini games, items, movies etc. Also most definitely worth a mention is the multiplayer aspect which is great now your able to fight it out with friends. There is also the new Ghost Feature giving players the ability to record themselves fighting, upload it, and offer it for download to others. Once downloaded, people all over the world can then battle against the recorded version of your character and vice-versa. Great concept I’m sure you'll agree.


The best on the PSP to date, no question. The details on the characters and the cut-scenes, but what impressed me the most was the battle arena's. So varied and different, one pits you and your opponent on a moving lift in a space station, with planet earth in the background, superb. Also impressive is when the ground smashes into pieces when you knock your opponent to the ground. Some people may think the graphical side of the game in parts is a little too colorful? But there is still no doubting how good this looks on the small screen.


Some great soundtracks which get the adrenalin pumping during battle. The voice over's are great and add to the atmosphere superbly. No complaints here.


Well that just about leaves me to say that this is the best fighting game on PSP, it leaves all fighting games on the system for dead. One you'll always come back to especially with all the different game modes to get into, and great fighting with your friends via Ad-Hoc. The only slight problem is that due to the PSP's control pad, it can sometimes be difficult to execute your favorite moves, it doesn't’ overly get in the way of the gameplay but can be a little frustrating trying for that finishing move. Nevertheless this game, whether your a fan of the genre or not, will impress and bring hours of fun, fantastic!


By JBloke












Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM