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Pure Chess PS Vita Review

pure chess

Even better on the Vita !


This is a review that should never have happened. Why? Well I can't play chess and I love playing shooting games. In fact the truth is, if it wasn't for the guys at Ripstone sending us the review code I would still be a chess virgin.

Firstly thanks a million to VooFoo Studios / Ripstone . I first played Pure Chess on the PS3 and you can see the PS3 review here thanks to Aaron. I won't dwell on that review but instead out-do him with the brilliant PS Vita version.

This feels like it was made for the Vita and ported to the PS3. The graphics are just gorgeous. Sure it's a chess game but the light and shadows on the stone 'Park' animals in the DLC pack just have to be seen. Even the load screens outshine the PS3 version. Everything pops on Vitas screen.

"Can't touch this" as MC Hammer says, the PS3 version is all done with the controller, with Vita you touch the screen to move the pieces and the camera. Zooming in shows the sharp lines on the pieces and shadows. I remember saying to my wife while playing Wipeout and Uncharted, "Wow look at this", I didn't think in a million years that the next time I'd do that was playing a Chess game!

The main point of my review is that you shouldn't overlook this game as I would have done. It's £4.99 and like Aaron pointed out you can play the tutorial to learn. I played my first game on PS3 before taking the tutorial. I won my first game on the Vita. I learnt the basics enough to win in just 30 mins. I have to say I got a buzz by forcing the computer into the corner to check mate. 

Multiplayer is what holds this back from greatness. Sure it's online but not in live play. It's turn based. The plus side of this is that if you wish you can leave your next move for as long as you wish. Also you can play against your friends on the PS3 as it supports cross platform multiplayer.

If you had live play thrown in the score would have been perfect.

VooFoo Studios / Ripstone have created a beautiful game in Pure Chess and sorry Aaron but the PS Vita version trumps the PS3 version in every way. I would have gone for a price tag of £6.49 and that bags you both versions but as it is you get a great game for under a fiver with sharp AI even on the easy settings.









Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM