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Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified Vita Multiplayer Review


Another review of the multiplayer


Call of Duty hasn’t interested me in a long time, back in the day I used to like playing the World War 2 based games but I haven’t enjoyed a Call of Duty game for a long time. This has been for a number of reasons like the lack of innovative gameplay and the large number of 13 year olds online screaming abuse at everyone.


So Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified was the first Call of Duty game I’ve considered buying for a long time. When the first ‘professional’ review came in I was disappointed it appeared that this was the worst game to be released since Barbies Magical Pony Ride 32. But something confused me, the majority of user submitted reviews on metacritic appeared to love the game as did my friends. So I picked up a copy to see for myself for myself.


I can tell you one thing for certain, I have no idea what the single player is like. Why? Well it’s because I haven’t been able to pull myself away from multiplayer. This is quite simply the most fun I’ve had on an online shooter for a very long time.


The controls feel great, as the Vita has dual analogue sticks you can move around just like on every console first person shooter and movement is fast and sharp.

Looking down the site can be done via the L button and this greatly increases your accuracy, allowing you to take down an enemy far faster than blind firing from the hip.


The gameplay is addictive because you’re rewarded every five seconds for doing the most basic things. Call in a spy plane? Here have some points, call in five spy planes? Here have a few thousand points. It’s the same for pretty much every action, it feels great and gets you completely addicted, because who doesn’t like feeling that they’ve accomplished something every five seconds?

Respawning is super-fast, tap x a few times in frustration after your dead and you’re launched straight back into the action to go and take revenge on the guy who killed you (and you’ll get some extra points for killing him as well.)

Kill streaks unlock perks such as spy planes and attack helicopters which can unleash hell on the smaller maps.


The game also has party support so you can stick with your friends, simply launch a part via the native party app and then all your friends can join and follow you around in game.


The maps are beautifully designed, each featuring choke points where the two teams are constantly engaged in battle in tight quarters fighting for dominance.

The maps are also set in different environment such as snow covered buildings and a small sunny house that looks like it was taken straight from the beginning of the new Indiana Jones movie complete with mannequins that you’ll mistake for an enemy many times and unload a clip into them.

There are five game modes in total, the traditional team and individual death match modes as well as my favourite “Kill Confirmed” it’s like a normal death match but for the kill to count you have to run over your opponent and collect their dog tag. This makes for some tense moments when your risk your life to claim the kill and prevent the enemy from taking the dog tags before you can.

The other two modes are Drop Zone where you have to hold a certain area on the map that keeps changing and Team Tactical where you can vote on Drop Zone, Team Death Match and Kill Confirmed between rounds.


Grenade throwing is easy and precise, simply tap the grenade icon and then swipe across to where you want it to go. This is easily more accurate than using an analogue stick on a traditional controller and I’ve done in the heat of battle many times and never felt that it was clunky or too hard to use.


The multiplayer isn’t perfect though, I’ve been disconnected a few times but it has definitely become more stable recently and what major new game doesn’t have connection problems when it first comes out. It’s in no way as bad as some reviews make out you’ll easily be playing a game within a few minutes in the worst case.

Annoyingly none of the menu buttons are touch sensitive and whilst this isn’t a major disappointment a final bit of polish would have been nice.


Overall the Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified multiplayer is an incredibly enjoyable experience and easily the best multiplayer experience available on the handheld.



By Aaron Kalair

PSOnline purchased their copy of this game


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