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Killzone 3 Review


Can it live up to number 2 ?


Killzone has had a rough ride over the years.

The game is just hounded by the press. Fact. It’s dubbed a “Halo Killer”, but it wasn’t Sony that said that, it was a magazine. Sony did themselves no favours with Killzone 2 mind with the now infamous E3 showing of a Playstation 3 ‘vision’ of what Killzone would be like on PS3.

Sony did later redeem themselves when KZ2 showed up with gameplay on show. Now it’s the turn of Killzone 3. Lets get this out of the way from the start, KZ3 is the most technically stunning game I have ever seen or played. The amount of special effects this game throws about the screen is mind blowing. From cloth effects to show flying about your face, if ever there were a game that screams to be played in 3D Killzone 3 is it.

Gameplay is as you were. The new addition to Killzone is Playstation Move and it works very well, in fact it’s the game Move has been waiting for as KZ duck and cover just works so well with Sonys motion controller.

Killzone 3 starts off where KZ2 ends, sort of. The story doesn’t win any awards but does the job. KZ3s sound is fantastic as always.

Online play is as before but I can’t help feel a little gutted by some of the lacklustre maps on offer. Another very sour point for me is the lack of online co-op. I don’t want to sit with someone looking at half a screen. Everyone cried out for co-op in KZ2 yet the developers have only half listened. I must stress that this is the only sticking point of an excellent game

Killzone 3 is brilliant but a few niggles keep it back from ultimate glory. I gave KZ2 a perfect score but KZ3 gets a 8.

A few updates, online co-op and maps could take this to a 10 game but for now it will have to miss that top score. 



By Krisaim


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Fri, 17 August, 2012 10:35 AM