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Modern Combat Domination Review


The best value game ever ?


If one thing is certain in life, it’s that… great ideas and products will be copied, replicated and in some cases this will happen multiple times. From stories to cars, movies and yes, video games.

It’s fair to say that some times, things are just copied and changed slightly to try and fool the end user. Gameloft have played no such tricks. They have taken a game, mirrored every aspect and delivered the best shooter available yet on PSN (Playstation Network).

Some games do a great job of trying to bring a game to the table that gives a nod to other games yet keeps things fresh. Take Metal Gear Solid and Splinter cell as a good examples of this.

With Modern Warfare, oh sorry, Modern Combat (see what they’ve done?) Gameloft have brought a game out that I found myself struggling to contain my excitement over.

Before we talk about the game and what game it’s trying to mimic the big thing that stands out is the price.

£6.29 or £4.79 if you are a Plus member.

To put this in context a PS Mini is £3.99 for 80p more you have a full online/offline first person shooter. Now at that price you’d expect the game to be a dog.

But what you get here is a game that boasts the best Move play I’ve seen yet with an fps, fast and fluid, with a robust set of online tools to keep many shooter fans happy for hours and hours. Even when the servers die off a little the game throws in AI to every match on and offline to max out the numbers. All in all you get 5 good sized maps to duke it out on.

This takes me to the game play and maps. Many years ago when ‘I were a lad’ I hooked up my PC tower to a 56k modem and installed a HUGE fps called… Counter Strike.

Never before has a game copied another as blatantly as Modern Combat has done here. From the title screen to choosing what weapon, grenades, armour etc, this game oozes sweat and blood from Valves flagship counter terrorism shooter.

The load-out before each round lets you choose guns with money, a small amount to start, and the better you do the more money you get meaning the better the gear you can buy for the next round.

Don’t do as well and the game gets much harder and this makes for more refined play. If you come up against someone that you are convinced you took out, chances are they are well togged up with armour.

The Trial map is Sandstorm, anyone that has played on Dust (CS) or Crossroads (Socom) will be right at home. All 5 maps are very well balanced and lead to some great choke points where exciting fire fights break out. Whether arming missiles, planting bombs or extracting a VIP everyone will be able to get straight into MC. What we’ve played online so far was smooth and went without hitch. Voice chat is very clear but if your using a headset remember to turn it on in the options before going online!

With the game clocking in at only just shy of 700MB you’d think that the graphics would fail but this is not so. Sun glare, mist/dust, birds flying about and some nice particle effects put this game on par with the likes of Rainbow Six.

Some maps are ripped from CS and some are a mix of COD MW 1&2. Shadows and lighting play a big part in making the levels look prettier than they are.

After you’ve spent your £6 you will be left smarming at the prices you’ve paid for far lesser games. In fact, in terms of “value for money” I can honestly say you’ll be hard pressed to beat this and as a Plus member you’ll compare everything else you buy to this and think twice before splashing out.

Just one thing holds the game back from ultimate glory. When creating a match lobby the game stays in the list of games only until you start the game with no way, that I’ve seen, of going back to the lobby to let others join you. Once you start that’s it. The saving grace is the fact that you can set up a game in seconds and invite friends. Clan matches can be played in private lobbies and you could practice against the AI before hand or split your team up to tag along with the AI. 

When choosing a score it would be a very easy 8/10 but you just simply can’t ignore that price and value for money that takes the score up another notch to 9.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Value 10

Overall 9 (Not an average)

Scores based on the game being a Download only title.


By Krisaim


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Fri, 23 November, 2012 4:57 PM