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Resistance Burning Skies PS Vita Review


PSO give a late verdict!


Having played and completed Resistance not long after the game landed on the Vita a few months back I now feel the need to review it. Why now? Well, it has just emerged that the developer Nihilistic have been handed the ropes to develop Call of Duty for the very same hand-held, another reason is Resistance has had a grilling from the gaming press and in my opinion it’s a very unfair grilling.

So let’s start.

This is a hand-held first-person shooter that feels like a full console game.  After many developers have tried and failed to fit a FPS game onto a portable games console for years, the folks over at Nihilistic have finally cracked it. Having a true dual-stick shooter on the go is exciting and for the most part this feels as good as the console versions.

Like every FPS on a console you use the sticks to move around and turn the camera and the left and right buttons to shoot. The game then takes full advantage of the touch controls by mapping things like running to a double tap on the back touchpad which works great, and grenades are thrown by tapping them and then swiping over to where you want them to go.


You have the usual single player outing and up to 8 players can duke it out online.

In the story mode you play as Tom Reilly, a New York fire fighter thrust right into the action as the Chimera invade America for the first time. The stories set between Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. So fans will feel right at home. Tom's doing his job and rescuing people when the Chimera abduct his wife and child in front of him, his job now turns from fire fighter to Chimera fighter. Anyone reading reviews on other sites will see comments like, “no emotion” etc. Without spoiling things you have to make a choice in the game that had me wondering about what pressing X was really all about. Making that choice, the fate was really in your hands. Brilliant.

There are also plenty of weapons to keep you entertained each with two fire modes and six possible upgrades can also be used on the guns (but only two at any one time can be applied.)

My only disappointment was the length of the game, six chapters of game play that should take you six or fewer hours left me wanting more, sure this is a good thing but I just wanted an excuse to boot the game back up. Anyone looking for Trophies will need to play game one and a half times to nab the Platinum trophy. My only wish was that you had to play the game on hard to gain the Platinum as this would have extended the life of the game.


When you're done you can hop online. The game's three modes deathmatch, team deathmatch and survival are all available in full online not ad-hoc and what's more they have full stat tracking and XP. Games I have played in ran smoothly and even with only 8 players games were tight with good flowing action in well-designed maps that were ideal for a hand-held console keeping the action flowing giving the impression that more than 8 players were in the mix.


The Graphics in Resistance showed great promise. I ran into an underground tunnel in one part of the game and light cascaded from the fans in the road above. I stood and just looked at this marvel before moving on. The bridge level in fantastic with action going on all around you shrouded in the twinkling moonlight.

As for the sound, you really need to play Resistance BS with a good pair of in-ear head phones. The game sprang into life as soon as I put them in.


Resistance on Vita has had a very unfair ride. In fact user scores on Amazon rate this at over 4 out of 5. Gamers seem to like it but the press just didn't give it a chance. Now with the developer soon to complete Call of Duty for Vita the bashing has already started without anyone even playing the game. I personally feel that the developer got the FPS mechanics right, that's the most important part, the fact that the rest of the game was very enjoyable all ties Resistance into the first real essential FPS on a twin stick hand-held console.

At PSO we are gamers doing what we do for… nothing. We don't get paid; we do it for the passion of playing games. Good luck to Nihilistic with Call of Duty.



By Kristian Salkeld

PSO purchased their copy of Resistance Burning Skies