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Adhoc party Anyone?

Gran Turismo and WRC rev up under new play test


Adhoc party is a great little application that lets you play adhoc PSP multiplayer games over the internet via your PS3's wireless connection.

You need your PS3 connected to your router via the ethernet port and the PSP does the rest.

You start your PSP's multiplayer as you would if you were sitting in the same room as each other and you'll find each other and up to two other friends. How does this work?

First you must download adhoc party via the PS Store with the same region as your friends, this is very important as the US version and UK version are the same but the code is different so you wont find each other or the games. E.g. If you download it from the UK store your friend must also download it from the UK store or it wont work

Once downloaded you can boot up as you would do any other PSN game. Once done you press start and away you go. Choose a world or just join your friend.

Here's the really cool part. Make a room, be it private or open and your friends can join you and once in the best part kicks comms.

That's right. If you have a headset you can chat away while playing your PSP games online.


Tonight we play tested Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and found no lag issues or any disconects.

We then tried Gran Turismo. Now remember the list doesn't show many PSP games and to our shock Gran Turismo works and not only that but it was as smooth as silk.

We then tried an old game, yes World Rally Championship. To our shock this allso worked with lag free online play and in fact made for some edge of the seat racing fun.

Just how many games work we're unsure at this point but we'll playtest as many games as we can. we can allso confirm that Untold Legends: The Warriors Code works.

Theres a list of supported games at Wikipedia but it is out of date and there are LOTS more supported titles


You can find PSO's list of supported games in the forums where you can also ask questions if you get stuck


More Updates soon


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