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Counter Strike: Global Offensive 'Moves' to PlayStation on Aug 21


Playstation Move, mouse and keyboard support inbound.


Counter Strike Go the highly popular first-person shooter is coming to the PlayStation Network, on August 21st . 

The game will include support for mouse and keyboard and various other input devices such as the PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Move sharp shooter. Players can compete against each other in the same match using different sets of controls

The game will feature new weapons, improved visual effects and promises a competitive and engaging experience through a skill- based matchmaking system. The latter matches players with similar skill levels irrespective of your controllers. There's also a ranking for each input device, giving players the opportunity to experiment with all of them.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive brings along two additional modes: Arms Race, and Demolition mode. Both game types are highly action oriented gun progression modes and come with new maps for fast-paced gameplay. Scoring with kills in both modes upgrades a player's weapons.

The Arms Race mode puts players in a death match with immediate resurrections and new weapons being added over kills.

In Demolition mode, players start with similar weapons in an attempt to attack and defend a single bombsite. One kill offers a new weapon in the next round. Players will be rewarded with bonus grenades for two or more kills in a round. If a player manages a kill in every round, they'll be able to unlock the a final set of powerful sniper rifles! 

As part of the PSN Play 2012 line-up, players will have a chance to pre-order and receive a bonus XMB theme during the week prior to launch. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be available for $14.99. PS Plus members can get it for $11.99.

An hour long demo exclusive to PS Plus has also been confirmed.







Fri, 17 August, 2012 9:58 AM