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Dust 514 Will be FREE


Along with a Vita app


CCP's upcoming PS3 MMOFPS Dust 514 will be free to download and play.

The developer told Eurogamer it will no longer be charging  $10-$20 for the game, which is set in the Eve Online universe.

"It was a relatively confusing proposition, and we wanted to make it unambiguous that this is a free-to-play game," said executive producer Brandon Laurino.

CCP originally intended to convert the price of the title to credits which could be spent on in-game microtransactions. "And we probably will still have some kind of [starter] pack like that," Laurino added, although it won't be required to play Dust 514.

"It's very important as we take steps into this topic to unambiguously state that it is not a pay to win game. There is no micro-transaction that you can do that gives you an unfair advantage over someone who hasn't paid anything.

"It's the classic micro-transaction dynamic of, 'I can pay and get this item,' or, 'I can invest my time and get this item.' But neither of those options will give me an unfair advantage over the other."

Laurino said the firm already has nearly 1,000 microtransaction items, from vanity goods to customise appearances to time-saving boosters and weapon variants. Dust 514 credit packs will come in $1, $2, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations, with the prices of individual items to start as low as "a penny sort of value".

He went on to reveal a few details about a planned Dust 514 "companion app" for Vita.

"At the most basic level, you can do transactions on the market; equip and customise your character, your vehicles; set up strategies with your friends and Corporation members - all of these sort of companion functions on the go," he said. "We're also exploring all of the super fun exciting stuff - interesting gameplay opportunities and things like that. But we're not ready to talk about that."








Mon, 5 March, 2012 4:49 PM