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E3 2010 Recap

Sony Destroys Competition


Sony didn't have to do much to beat Microsofts E3 conference but they did alot and destroyed the competition

The Big News:

The PS3 is going to have ALOT of 3D games such as GT5 and KZ3

Killzone 3 Looks seriously ausome and you get a jet pack

PS Move is incredibly accurate and costs $100 for the bundle contating everything you need to get started

Tigerwoods uses move and it really is like swinging a real golf club

Theres going to be a new game called 'Heroes on the Move' featuring:

Sly Cooper

Theres going to be 70 new PSP games by December and Sony are starting a massive marketing campaign to really push it

The Tester season 2 is coming the fall

Theres going to be a premium PSN service for $50 a year

Subscribers get exclusive content

Little Big Planet 2 is massive you can do just about anything in it

A Medal of Honor is coming set in Afghanistan with multiplayer by DICE that looks like COD

There will be a special edition with a remastered version of Medal of honor front line

Portal 2 is coming to PS3

Final Fantasy 14 Online is also

There was a GT5 demo which looked amazing

One more thing was a new Twisted Metal



If you want to know everything that happened theres a full play by play below:


Sony are handing out 3D glasses

Showing KZ3 a snowy level with some cool jet pack thing

Looks seriously intense enemies every where

Released Feb 2011 worldwide

PS3 Exclusive obviously

Fully compatible with PS Move

PS3 is only platform with native 3D gaming

GT5 willl be in 3D

as will:

Crysis 2

Mortal Combat

Shawn whites skateboarding

New ghost recon

NBA 2K 11

PS Move will be super accurate

Developers are talking about it

There pretty keen to point out MOVE has buttons

Showing a platformer with a wizard using the move controller

It is really damn accurate and smooth

I see why they were making such a deal out of the buttons

They really do combine well with the motion sensor in this demo

Getting lots of applause unlike certain other demo's

That game was called Sorcery

Sports games using Move next with EA sports guy

Tigerwoods being demoed with Move

This is SERIOUSLY cool and looks great

Your motions are really accurately translated to the golf club movement

Move addon is Going to be available as DLC

A new game with

sly cooper

called Heroes on the move is coming with Move support

Move is going to be advertised on packets of Coca Cola

Comedian guy that did the move advert mocking the wii on stage now

This guy rocks

Sony are really putting on a show

Kevin Butler is his name

You have to watch his part, fantastic

Move launched Sept 15 in Europe

Move controller - $50

Navigation Controller - $30

Bundle (sports championgame, eye + move controller) - $100

PS3 with the bundle - $400

PS move games - $40

15 - 20 titles on day one

Move coverage is ending now

Just in time was dragging

PSP News

Starting a new marketing campaign

Focusing heavy on serious games

Augmented reality game coming

Showing God of war trailer

PSN news now

PS3 is most connected console on the market (apparently)

The Tester season 2 is coming this fall

Sony's E3 booth is in home

LBP 2 being shown

Play, Create and Share are being expanded

More NPC's

a grapple hook

new community features that integrate with the web

you can create loads of game types

looks ausome

LBP 2 being shown

Play, Create and Share are being expanded

More NPC's

a grapple hook

new community features that integrate with the web

you can create loads of game types

looks ausome

EA on stage

Medal of Honor - PS3 Exclusive

- Set in Afghanistan

October 12 2010

Multiplayer being built by DICE

Showing a multiplayer demo

Looks ALOT like COD

Special edition available for PS3

with Medal of Honor front line as well


Deadspace 2 demo now

Guys using a standard controller not move

Not to impressed personally

Some MASSIVE monsters

Portal 2 coming to PS3

Along with Steam

Demo on now

Looks like classic portal

Coming 2011

New FF coming

FF 14 Online

Mafia 2 - June 24th

Exclusive PS3 content

New Assassins Creed game being shown

Looks good

A video showing loads of shorts from games


Sony have a killer line up

GT5 video




Coming November 2 2010

Infamous 2 video


Coming 2011

One more suprise


PS3 exclusive coming 2011

Playing a demo

(once again with a standard controller not move)

Nice look I like it

Has helicopters




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