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Everything you need to know from Gamescom 2012 - Updated with Videos !


All the Sony conference details


Here are the key notes from Sonys Gamescom conference:

Jim Ryan on stage to start the show, talking of Playstation shifting to new ways of connecting. Always on and connected.
Little Big Planet Vita looks impressive


Plenty of classic and modern characters in Playstation All Stars
All Stars first game to be part of the new “Cross Buy” buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version free!


Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank also part of the program
Heavy investment in cross platform features

New Assassins Creed 3 footage



New Call of Duty Vita details:
4 vs 4 multiplayer over wifi
Maps built from the ground up for the Vita
New limited edition COD Vita bundle, includes Vita COD and some COD accessories



NFS Most wanted and Fifa 13 coming to Vita
Some PS1 classic also coming from August 28th


Tear Away - a new Vita game from Media Molecule
A Colourful and pretty platformer, you explore the world as Iota
Takes full advantage of the touch pads, motion sensors and camera



New Killzone Mercenary trailer for PS Vita
Looks amazing, “wouldn’t be possible to make it on any other platform”



Playstation Mobile provides smaller games on lots of Playstation certified platforms. Small devs can take advantage of it. Like iPhone and Android.
“Buy once play on any certified device”
Asus and Wikipad becoming part of the program


PS3 Essentials 19.99 Euros
Older games like Uncharted 1 part of the program


Little Big Planet 2 Cross Controller DLC coming – Free !
Use the Vita as a controller for the PS3
The Vita becomes an extra screen that shows more information about what’s happening on screen and some parts of the game require you to use the Vitas touchpads to progress.
Gameplay can shift between the PS3 and PS Vita



Playstation Plus:
Red Dead Redemption coming to instant game collection
Cloud storage increased to 1GB
Coming to PS Vita in September

25% discount on September 5th for 2 weeks


Interactive stories, aimed at children
Book of Spells from J.K Rowling the first title
Moonbot studios working on a title for it also - “Diggs Nightcrawler”
BBC brining “Walking with Dinosaurs” to the platform
Disney bringing some of their most famous brands to Wonderbook





Fifa 13
No two matches are ever the same
Largest feature set in Fifas history
Motion controls coming for PS Move



New Game for PS3 called "Until Dawn"
Horror survival type game
7 playable characters
Only source of light is a torch



New Game for PS3 from Japan Studios called Rain
Mysterious ICO like game about a boy who can only be seen in the rain
Fantastic graphics



New game for PS3 called Puppeteer
Very pretty and dramatic platformer



New footage of the “The Last of Us”









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