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Eurogamer MAG Event Write Up

By mmb


so by now you've probably read the much more comprehensive accounts of last nights MAG 256 launch event at the P3 exhibition hall in Londons Westminster.

I'd been lucky enough to be selected to partake in the event on behalf of eurogamer, as one of their 64 man squad battling against a squad of players selected from IGNs readers in a 2 round match of acqusittion (1 round defend, 1 round assault) folowed by a Domination match vs. the devs.

I'd been asked to arrive between 1830 & 1900, and did so to be met with a queue stretching from the entrance to just around the corner which I promptly joined along with the other gamers. after a short wait I was allowed entrance and given my ID card, I was SVER50 and all my games would be played on screen #50. entering the hall I was greeted with a great view, 128 HDTVs of varying sizes all hooked up to PS3s running the full game (I didn't notice at the time but the set up read as 256 when viewed from above)

due to some technical issues (network based gumpf) we skipped over the warm up game and dinner was served, a tasty bangers and mash served up in a military style canteen. after eating we began the first of the 2 acquisittion games with the eurogamer team playing defense as SVER and IGN attacking as Raven. the game began and I ended up in a bunker turret, laying waste to those foolish enough to run into my sights! after a valiant effort by IGNs team the round ended with SVER the victors, 1-0 eurogamer.

we retired to the main hall whilst they set the game up for the return match and enjoyed a few free beers and some of the sweeties that had been bought in for us to munch on whilst the MVPs from the game were announced with yours truly placing 2nd for SVER!

the 2nd game began and tbh I think the free booze had the better of me as I couldn't shoot for shit! I soldiered on though but couldn't repeat my first match performance. regardless of my inebriation, the players of eurogamer managed to steal the vehicles and SVER were once again victorious. 2-0 and the overall win to eurogamer.

and so onto the final game of the evening, a trans-atlantic domination match vs. Zipper. with them playing defense as Valour and the eurogamer/IGN players attacking as Raven. somehow I ended up as a squad leader and the assault began with us trying to take the first of zipper's burn off towers which proved easy enough but then we had to get past the turrets to the cooling towers which is no easy task.

we had been given headsets but you couldn't hear a thing through them so communicating with your squad was pretty much impossible but we continued forward to the control rooms after a heated battle at the turrets. unfortunately it was there that the devs had us pinned back with gunfire coming from every angle as we desperately tried to hold onto control room A. the match pretty much continued with us taking the room and them taking it back, with them having more control than we did when time expired. victory to Zipper.

well that was the end and my evening with MAG was over, I headed out into the cold night air wishing I could have more. more of these giant battlefields with shit going off all over the place, more of the frantic dashes to try and revive a fallen teammate, more just more of this massive action! there you have it, MAG it does just what it says on the box and will be available this coming friday.

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Fri, 22 January, 2010 10:52 AM