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ModNation Racers PSP revealed

Cart Modder Heads to Sonys Handhelds


Sony has confirmed that MadNation Racers, the 'Play, Create, Share' racer on PS3, is on its way to PSP.

The 'creative karting' game will boast will feature all the same kart and track modding features as its bigger brother on PS3, including the option to upload your creations for others to play. It'll also don six-player multiplayer in both ad-hoc mode and online.

It looks to be releasing alongside the PS3 version, which currently sits at a vague release of 'this year'.

Here's the full PR:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that ModNation Racers, the eagerly-awaited creative karting game arriving this year for PlayStation3 (PS3) will also be available on PSP (PlayStationPortable) - letting you mod, drive and race with your pals wherever and whenever you like. A new type of racing game that puts you in the driving seat and lets you run riot with your creativity, ModNation Racers is fast, easy, funky, stylish - and downright fun. The PSP version will have all of the features of the PS3 version, with players able to create and upload their own racetracks to share with kart-racing lovers around the world, and race with up to six people in PSP's Ad Hoc mode or online.

ModNation Racers isn't just a world of fast, furious and fun kart racing - it's your own personal playground with your dream tracks and dream racers. You get to build it all with easy tools that allow you to create the stars, the cars, and the tracks to race them on. The only limit is your imagination! Here's how you get started:

Step one: Make your Mod:

First, you get to create your own racer from thousands of different options. Choose a face, eyes and hair - will you have a rough and tough Mod to intimidate the opposition or a quirky character who'll wreak havoc on the track with crazy manoeuvres? Once you've got the basics together, you can get really creative with clothes, helmets, jewellery, masks and whatever else you like.

Step two: Create your kart:

Repeat the above to create a killer kart for your Mod. You can make anything from a sleek, sporty number to an anarchic banger covered in graffiti - just express yourself.

Step three: Make tracks and have some fun!

Once again, you're spoilt for choice. You can choose to take your Mod out to tackle the twists and turns of the game's pre-made tracks or create your ultimate race track on your own. It's so easy that you can make one in a few minutes - just drive your Mod around the blank backdrop (think of it as your canvas). Then choose the scenery around it or allow the game to fill trees, mountains, houses and all of the details spring into life behind you. When you're done, you can race your own track, 'remix' it with new props, weapon pickups and obstacles, invite friends to race on it and even upload it to PlayStationNetwork for the world to play.

There are also a host of the games pre-made mods, karts and tracks for you to race and enjoy or go online and download other creations created by other players to play. You can choose to race with friends or online opponents, or to hone your skills on your own. Look out for those traps, weapons and maniac drivers - it's going to be a wild ride!

It's more than a driving game - it's a driving game that keeps on giving and lets you share your creative talent with everyone.

Now, you'll be able to take part on the move with PSP. So - do you fancy a race?

ModNation Racers for PSP is arriving alongside the PS3 version this year.



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