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Important Pre-Owned Vita Games News!


…that Sony don't seem to know the answer to


Sony have made a powerhouse of a handheld, this is true. But when it comes to knowing what it can do they make it all as clear as mud.

Someone from Sony has gone as far as saying that you can't delete a PSN account from a game card memory, this is not to be confused with a memory card. To keep games safe from pirates and hackers the Vita is locked down with everything hidden so you can't get at it like on the old PSP, and I don't blame Sony. 

People are in fear that trophies in second hand games will not "POP" as the game has been locked to someone elses PSN account and can't be deleted from the game card.

I have done some investigating and testing, all be it a risky test at my own cost. I bought a second hand copy of F1 2011 knowing that the other person had played the game. Being a fan of Trophies I needed to know some hard facts. Can I earn them? How can I delete save data and PSN details from a card?

Here's a small guide to put everyones mind at rest.

The Vita has an edit mode. You hold the screen and it pops into edit mode. This is not just so you can sort your apps to whatever page you want; from here you can delete that PSN data and save data that will stop you getting trophies.

Pop your game into the vita, it will install (put the game app on your screen) in a few seconds. Now if this was pre-owned it would say, "you can't earn trophies" when starting the game etc.
You need to hold the screen and enter edit mode. Tap the game icon, not press and an option will pop up. "Delete" and "Information".

Information is as follows:
Name F1 2011
Trophy Earning Eligible
Parental Controls Level 1
Updated 24/10/2011 (I guess this is when they finished the game)
Size 800 KB
Version 1.00

Delete is as follows:
F1 2011
All data related to this application will be deleted.

So as you can see, select OK and ALL the data is gone. The game is like new to start again in your PS Vita. It is NOT tied to someone elses Vita or PSN account. You must take the card out and pop it back in to re-install. When I clicked OK and the game vanished from the home screen that hot feeling swept over me.

Why Sony can't be clear on this I don't know. For someone high up in Sony to say that the game is tied to the PSN account and data can't be deleted is just beyond me.

I'm sure the likes of Game and Gamestation will be happy to read this. Pre-owned gaming on the Vita will no longer be an issue.


By Kristian Salkeld

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Sat, 28 January, 2012 1:37 PM