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Sony takes important step toward bringing PSN back online


Not long now ...


Millions of gamers waiting to get back online with Sony’s PS3 and PSP could be nearing the end of a long, grueling road. Sony has begun the final stages of testing their new PSN infrastructure, and all signs are pointing to the PSN coming back online before the weekend is over.

Sony’s Patrick Seybold reports that the company’s global network and security teams at both Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment have entered the final stages of tests designed to ensure the security and stability of the newly redesigned PSN.

On the Playstation Blog, Seybold also states: “As previously mentioned, we’ve been working around the clock to rebuild the network and enhance protections of your personal data. It’s our top priority to ensure your data is safe when you begin using the services again.”

Sony’s latest target date for restoring select PSN services (including online multiplayer) is May 6, and if this report is any indication, the company could be edging very close to flipping the switch and finally bringing the PSN back online.

UPDATE: Sir Howard Stringer, President of Sony Corporation, has just posted an open letter to the Playstation community, and we wanted to highlight this section:

"I know some believe we should have notified our customers earlier than we did. It’s a fair question. As soon as we discovered the potential scope of the intrusion, we shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services and hired some of the best technical experts in the field to determine what happened. I wish we could have gotten the answers we needed sooner, but forensic analysis is a complex, time-consuming process. Hackers, after all, do their best to cover their tracks, and it took some time for our experts to find those tracks and begin to identify what personal information had — or had not — been taken.

As a result of what we discovered we notified you of the breach. Our investigation is ongoing, and we are upgrading our security so that if attacks like this happen again, our defenses will be even stronger.

In the last few months, Sony has faced a terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But now we are facing a very man-made event – a criminal attack on us — and on you — and we are working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the world to apprehend those responsible."

The noisy activity on the Playstation Blog tonight is reassuring, and we can’t help but believe the end is in sight.


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Fri, 6 May, 2011 11:57 AM