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‘Twitch Shooters’ an in depth look
Hoards flock to easily Kill Kill Kill!


Call of Duty started off life in the well known World War 2 era with what has to have been one of the best FPS WW2 game at the time.

It was recently rereleased in HD on PSN and Xbox Live and it's a testament to the game that it can still hold it's own.

It's no secret that COD was loved and is still loved by me but why do I find the new game so annoying to the extent of wanting to throw it out of the window?

One of the major factors in this has to be the constant barrage of tosh that spills from websites regarding how great this 10 / 10, multi million selling game is. I don't think anyone could have seen expected such a large number of sales so quickly and for it to continue to sell so well.

10/10 for a game that lasts 5 hours ?

I've played the single player game, spec ops and versus and I just can't bring myself to finish it even though it's no secret that I'm a fan of Trophies.

The game feels like it's made for kids, the same kids that screamed out for the new setting for  the game,

"WW2 is old, who gives a **** about history anyway” ?

Twitch Shooters are the new rock and roll.

It's the saying that the MW2 media crowd now use:

Don't think, don't aim just twitch. Kill, Kill, Kill, just run and kill.

It leaves people like me wanting more, wanting to play as a team, to use my headset to plan, chat and have fun. Not brag about XP and how I owned everyone with my hundreds of  kills in a 20 minute game.

A new game came out last week on the Playstation 3. Its MAG. Up to 256 players can duke it out in team games where the best team will win. The best team is the one that talks, heals and looks after each other.

It's a game that rewards you for playing as a team; in fact the way the game is set up is to make you play with a team to get the best out of it.

You need a few more hits to take someone out so aiming not spraying is the way forward. Looking out for fallen buddies has never been more important in a shooter where numbers are critical.


In fact I've found myself risking my own neck to reach a fallen buddy. Planning how to take the objective is as bigger part than shooting people is. This is where the Modern Warfare players start to bail.

"I shot him and he didn't die!

No you shot him in the leg; he shot you in the head.

My worry as an older gamer is that the so called ‘Twitch Shooters’ will take over forcing developers like Zipper to take the same road as sales dictate they have to.

I feel like I'm acting my age sure, though I hear others saying the same as me and younger people thinking the same. I'm not asking for developers to change as sales say this wont do. But all I ask is think of the 1000's of gamers that like a challenge make different lobbies that we team players can go in and not get overrun by the kill kill kill run and gun players when doing search and destroy.

The media have a lot to answer for. Call of Duty MW2 is talked about in most previews and reviews. We don't care; we want to know about the game in hand.

Reviewers clearly are put off by MAG as you have to work that bit harder to get rewards. Has it really come down to how quickly you can get kills, perks and XP to judge how great a game is?

This is just my own personal opinion about the state of play with shooters at the moment. MAG has picked me up when feeling quite down about a genre that needs some life kicked into it.

If you own a PS3 and like should try MAG.



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Wed, 3 February, 2010 3:34 PM