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PS Vita... Always connected?


Big question left Sony rep puzzled.


The Vita is brilliant; I need to get that out of the way. Friends list, in-game chat, Near, it does more than it's older big brother the PS3. But something is a miss, something that the Sony rep at the Manchester Vita rooms couldn’t explain.

The Vita can run apps side by side and it does it well. The Vita is meant to have you signed into PSN all the time and messages can come in with a notification, a sound and the PS button lights up blue (these can be turned off.) In the user manual online it clearly states that when in standby mode the Vita screen goes off but apps continue to run so you won't miss any messages or a friend coming online… but this is not what is happening. After the Vita has been in standby for about 10 seconds it will turn off the WIFI and you’ll loose your connection to PSN. No more messages etc. Once you boot it back up the Vita signs into PSN again.

So to sum up, it's broken.

Slap me on the back and call me Harry, I've found a fix. In some cases the Vita will not shut down and one of these cases is when playing music. What you need to do is sign into PSN and start the music app. Start a song/track and then put it into repeat mode (if you don't the Vita will shut down after the song/track finishes.) Now you can mute the music by holding both the + - volume controls. Press the power button and the Vita goes into sleep mode BUT now you stayed signed into PSN as the music player won’t let the Vita turn off the WIFI. Now messages will come in etc and the blue PS button will glow to let you know when someone wants you. Yeah I know, pat on back and all that but seriously, FIX THIS SONY

This is from the user manual:

“You can put your system into standby mode by pressing the power button. In standby mode, the screen is turned off but applications are still running. With the default setting, when your system is idle for one minute, it automatically enters standby mode. To exit standby mode, press the power button or the PS button.

When your system is in standby mode, Wi-Fi and mobile networking remain enabled. The PS button lights up blue when there are new notifications, such as those generated when messages arrive.”

Unless you follow my guide, the WIFI will be turned off after about 10 seconds and with a few flashes of the PS button you’ll be signed out of PSN. Fortunately though I don’t think the music player will drain too much of the battery.


By Kristian Salkeld

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Fri, 20 January, 2012 6:23 PM