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What the F*#k are you doing Sony?


Do Sony want to fail with PS Vita?


Over the past few months I've got hyped over PS Vita, so much so that I had to import one as to wait just another 8 weeks was just too long for a gamer that has owned the Advance, DS, Game Gear, PSP, PSPGo etc. I love handheld gaming. You see, you can get away with playing in the front room while your wife watches TV without her getting on your case. Brilliant.

At the Tokyo Game show Sony showed off Killzone 3 running on the Vita via Remote Play.


One of the first things I do when I get the Vita? Boot up KZ3 of course. A message flashes up that I can't start the game during remote play. What? But I've seen it. Remember Phil Harrison showing the PSP being used as a wing mirror for F1 on PS3? Yep, I'm still waiting for that "simple download" to arrive.

Here's my problem. If you head over to Google and search "Remote play on PS Vita" you are greeted by that word… HACK. "Battlefield 3 on PS Vita with hacked PS3", "Red Dead on Vita with PS3 Hack", Play PS3 games on PS Vita with PS3 firmware hack". You get my point.

Even me, Mr Squeaky Clean was thinking, hmm I really want to play games on the Vita from my PS3. How many gamers are going to 'Hack' the PS3 to do this? 100s, 1000s......

The PSP was "Hacked" into a state where it's just not worth developers making games for it anymore. Sony are really trying hard to make gamers search for other ways to make the Vita do what it's capable of. This is so worrying for someone who has just backed a £240 horse. Is it a safe bet or are games going to dry up because Sony fail to let gamers do the things that they have shown them.

The latest farce is the UMD program being scraped in the US. Is this is because of security? Fine but why offer something then take it away. For me it doesn't matter as I'll keep my PSP but for others it seems like a huge deal that they can't re-play the old games again on Vita.

Another problem I do have mind is that I can't download and play my paid for PSP games. I've re-downloaded games but the Vita wont see them on the PS3, even after the new firmware, so what's going on? I've paid for them. The minis saves show up yet I can't put the minis on my Vita?

I've already pointed out about the wireless connection turning off in stand by and yet this still is not fixed in the new firmware.

I worry about the state of Vita as well as the PS3, one arm of Sony doesn't seem to know what the other is doing. Prices in the US Store are as expected, by me, a rip off. How many god forsaken stories do we have to read about the smart phone games problem? 99p, £1.50 and so on. The average Joe doesn't care how shit these games are they will buy them up. The store prices are yet again a huge joke. They will cost you less online for a box, card and postage.

Hey want to buy a racing game for £3 by Gameloft? No I want to pay £30 to play it on Vita. Don't get me started on Dungeon Hunter.

Vita is a very powerful piece of kit, no doubt but if Sony doesn’t act quick hacking will overrun it and the PS3. Remote play is a must have. I played Lair on PSP so it can be done; we've all seen it now with Vita on Youtube playing PS3s big guns. The only ones that can destroy Vita are Sony themselves. So please get round a table and sort this out and someone please tell your reps teaching us how to use your new console how much it will be to use 3G. It was really worrying that I knew more about Vita than the Sony reps and the staff in my local Gamestation.

Worried is an understatement. 


By Kristian Salkeld


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Wed, 8 February, 2012 8:50 PM