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Xperia Play now in the hands of gamers!


Sonys fantastic gaming phone for the masses


Sony launched the Xperia Play at the start of the year and the only way to get one was to jump into a long pricey contract or fork out over £500. Ouch!

Today it's a different story. The new prices of the Google Smartphone are without doubt making the play the best price smartphone on the market right now.
It doesn't stop at the price, you get a handful of games thrown in to boot. The Sims 3, Star Battalion, Fifa 10, Tetris, Dead Space, Need For Speed Shift, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Battlefield Bad Company 2.......want more? how about a 16 gig SD card thrown in? You got it!

With prices stating as low as £149.99 (plus £10 top up) with O2 on pay as you go. Tesco Mobile sims will work in an O2 locked phone. (tested) It's worth pointing out that most places are now doing a sim free phone for £199 including Play.com and Amazon but if you want the sexy white one, it's O2 exclusive and looks sweet.
The phone itself is just a little bit smaller than the PSPGo, in fact it makes the Go look like some kind of tester. 

What shocked me were the games. Need For Speed is more like the console game, unlike the PSP version. With far better graphics as well as the full in-car view taken over from the console game including the camera shaking, windscreen shattering effects.
Dead Space is mind blowing, console gaming in your hands, the lighting, sound and gameplay left me speechless and smiling at my new phone.
Playing Dungeon Hunter 2 feels so right and the Halo rip off Nova 2 looks and plays fantastically.
Any self respecting gamer needs one of these phones. I'm so excited at the thought of all these Sony gadgets linking up together. Unlike my other Android phone, the Play has it's own market as well as the usual market with games that have been optimized for the Plays pads.

I have to rate this Phone 9/10. It's screen is incredible and the gaming so far is flawless. I hope Sony see fit to let us play our paid for PSP games on it at some point.

By Krisaim

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Thu, 20 October, 2011 6:57 PM